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Modern day Azusa Street underway in Jamaica!

[wd_hustle_cc id=”ihop-revival”]The Azusa Street Revival has many amazing things and it repeats itself. However, it seems we have the ugly side of the Azusa Street Revival repeating itself.

As the story goes, William Durham was preaching his “Finished Work” message and William Seymour did not like that. Seymour came and locked up the church and even boarded up the door.

That story seems to repeating itself in Kingston, Jamaica this week according to local news reports. It involves a former United Pentecostal Church and well, the national office of the UPC. Church politics at its’ worst.

How this this Azusa Street Mission mess happen?

It seem that the Faith Chapel UPC wanted to do some missionary work in Africa and the demonination did not agree with the vision for world missions. They wanted them to focus on reaching Jamaica.

The long story short is they left the United Pentecostal Church and was evicted from their own church facilities as a result.

It actually got so ugly that they had to take it to the local courts. (How does 1 Corinthians 6 apply?) In the end, Faith Chapel and its’ thousand members had to find a new place to worship just like some in the Azusa Street Mission did with the lockout back then.

Jamiaca has a history of revival

The thing is that the nation does have some revival roots that things like this just tells us that the vision of church men is on the wrong goal. It is more about building the church like it is a fast food chain than seeing the lame walk and the blind see.

In 1860, there was a revival sweep through Jamaica that according to the Moravian Church, they baptized up to 35% of the adult population in the country at the time.

There are been lesser waves of revival since then. I know of several missionary evangelists that has had great success with harvest in Jamaica.

In fact, Azusa Report is planning to do some ministry in Kingston in 2018. 

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