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Misty Edwards & Dark night of the soul!

Misty Edwards

I was going through some old music on Amazon’s music player and I find the pre-release for Misty Edwards first CD that she put out. It was probably 2002 or so. It reminded me of the challenge that Misty had before her. She had the experience of the dark night of the soul. She had a giant in her land!

Most people know her from a distance, just seeing her on Sid Roth or playing at the One Thing conference. I had the opportunity to see her live her life before me when the IHOP-KC community was a few dozen people, not over a 1,000 full time intercessory missionaries.

Misty Edwards and the dark night of the soul

I still remember the first time I heard in a prayer meeting that Misty, a 21 year worship leader with the world ahead of her had cancer. It was serious. It was very serious, in fact. The saga went on for about a year and she was prayed for almost daily. Everyone and their mother laid hands on her praying the prayer of faith. None of us seemed to have the anointing to get the miracle.

I will be honest. It was humiliating to me to lay hands on her and then see her have to go get more chemo as well. What was wrong with my faith? I blame it on a “familiar spirit” at the time but was it really? I even started to really beat myself up thinking I just thought I was alot more full of faith than I really was. Could that be it?

The battle for the soul

It is time that like that people have to search their soul and what they really believe. Did I really believe in divine healing? I was raised to believe that divine healing is integral to the gospel but did I really believe that? Belief is useless without manifestation in the here and now. The writer of Hebrews made it very clear that “Now faith is…” God’s timing is NOW!

I was at a crossroads just like Misty was. Her was physical and mine was spiritual. I had to make a decision about what I really believed about divine healing. It could not wait 10 years until I got more experience. I had to know what I believed today.

In the end, I came to believe that my theology was not subject to my experience but my experience was subjected to my theology. I had to believe for the miracle for Misty Edwards until it manifested!

What happened to Misty’s dark night?

In the end, she had a few very successful operations and has gone on to live a very normal life. The medical system in the United States is very advanced and they was able to get the cancer completely out of her body. It was the miracle we all wanted but it was what worked for her at the time.

I have since left the IHOPKC community for over a decade and I still watch the story of Misty and I see how this encounter formed her into the position he holds today.

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