As a ministry, we are very focus on evangelism and missions. I am so committed to it that I majored in Bible College in Evangelism. I love reaching people for Jesus and seeing them baptized in the Holy Spirit.

As a ministry, we earmark 20% of all income that comes in to missions home and abroad. This is currently primarily to give support to staff at Teen Challenge center internationally.

While many of the groups that we do support monthly are Assemblies of God ministries, Azusa Report has no offical relationship with them and it is only because of likeness in focus that we support them.

On top of the evangelism that we do in America on a regular basis, we give support to the following groups

Teen Challenge. They are a network of ministries that would hands on to set the captive free from drug addiction and drinking issues. It is not enough to just preach against it, we need to help those in bondage.

Dream Center. Los Angeles has a hospital set to help the hurting and the downcasted. They have programs to bring people out of depths of life and make them strong citizens as a Pentecostal ministry.

Chi Alpha. This is a missionary movement on America’s college campus to proclaim the power of the Holy Spirit to the people. They currently work on about every major campus in America. We currently work directly with two of the campuses.

What about World Missions?

Our international focus in the Pacific Islands. We currently are focused on four small nations in the Pacific, two of them many have never even heard of. They are Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu, and Kiribati.

Fijian woman worshipping in Nadi, Fiji camp meeting.

Fiji. The focus on there is evangelism and education of the saints. We travel to the Pacific Harbour area on the country to be a camp meeting and to teach every January for two weeks. To find out more about our Fiji partnership, click here.

Samoa. Much like our trip to Fiji, Samoa is also focused on having a tent revival and doing some teaching for the pastors. We also try and do some outreach project while there. For more about Samoa, click here.

Tuvalu. This is one of the most least reached countries in the world and they have as few as 5,000 visitors all year to their little island. It is very remote. We come every summer and preach a camp meeting with the Tuvaluans. Click here for more.

Kirabati. Just like Tuvalu, Kirbati is one of the least visited countries and has no missionaries there currently. We are hoping to change that. We do a revival meeting there every November right after Thanksgiving. The Pentecostal movement is quite weak in this nation currently.





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