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Mike Bickle on Impacting the Spirit World

As a 18 year old, I joined this new thing called the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. It was a few dozen people and our leader, Mike Bickle. We started with all day sets of intercession and within a few months, we are going around the clock praying for revival.

The moment that Mike Bickle said “we are going for salable revival,” I knew I would be part of the ministry. I lived, breathed and slept for revival and it was all I wanted. Sign me up!

I want to see the lame walk, the blind see, and deaf hear. I have seen it but I want to see it like Oral Roberts saw it and Jack Coe Sr saw it. We have not seen it on that level in my generation. Not yet, at least.

Mike Bickle taught me about authority!

What I learned from Mike was much more than just praying for revival. I learned how to take authority in intercession as the Bride of Christ. Many believers struggle to see themselves as the Bride, they are happy being part of the Body. Being part of a Body means you are a member; being the Bride means you are deeply loved and have been unprecedented access.

As we come to the place of intercession for revival at that position, things happened and people are moved. Having an understanding of your place in the Kingdom gives you a boldness in faith that is very hard to have otherwise.

Is being at IHOPKC for everyone?

As I said before, I left the ministry a decade ago but I still love and respect Mike Bickle. In many ways, I still consider him a pastor to me. IHOPKC has its’ leadership pains that were created as they grew from a few dozens to a few thousand. Add into the mix, the radical positions on eschatology.

I do think doing a short internship at IHOPKC could benefit any believer. A few months set aside to develop a strong prayer life is always a positive thing.

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