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Mike Bickle is wrong about Ted Cruz

I generally respect Mike Bickle but this thing with Ted Cruz is out there. I am not sure why Mike is even getting into this “endorsing” business. All it does is make the critics look justified when they cry “Kingdom Now” looking at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

I am calling it what it is: a bonehead move. I know that Bickle is not the only one making this bonehead decision either. I am completely blown away that Dr. Michael L. Brown, a very level headed theologian in most cases would buy into all the hype as well.

Mike Bickle believes that Cruz is best

In this article to a news outlet, he said the following, “I observed that no candidate for president has a stronger record than Cruz on standing with Israel, fighting radical Islamic terrorism, and combating anti-Semitism in the world.” 

This is an example of what I just do not get. I am sure Mike Bickle knew that a personal friend of his, Mike Huckabee, was still in the race when he came out of this endorsement of Ted Cruz (January 21, 2016). I am sorry, Mike but Huckabee is much more pro-Jewish than Ted Cruz ever will be.

It was Huckabee that went to battle for the people of Israel when things were in hot water with the Iran deal. It cost him royalty to do it too. I just do not understand how Mike Bickle could forget this stuff. Maybe, it was all that amazing Misty Edwards worship at the prayer house.

Only Mike Huckabee is a real conservative

Cruz is using the Church to try and get elected. It is very sad that the prophetic leaders that see it for what it is. I do not recall seeing Ted Cruz in the prayer lines at the Call when there was no cameras and no elections coming up. It was Mike Huckabee that was there. I remember seeing Sam Brownback put his neck on the line for what he believed but I do not remembering seeing Ted Cruz risk his politician career for what he believed.

Come to think of it, is Ted Cruz even baptized in the Holy Spirit?

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