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Mike Bickle endorses Ted Cruz?

Mike Bickle, my former pastor and senior leader of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri has formally endorsed Ted Cruz for the office of the President of the United States. I am very surprised by this. While Ted Cruz is a great guy, I can’t believe that Mike has given a stamp of approval.

I understand that Ted Cruz is a conservative and that he just was a speaker at Rick Joyner’s church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I also know that Dr. Micheal L. Brown has allowed himself to be put in the back pocket of Cruz as well. I can see what people like Ted but endorsing him for President and Commander in Chief?

One of the serious concerns I have is the Church should be focusing of being revival to the nation and awakening the hearts of the people; not getting “our guy” in office. If anything, it will turn and kick us in the butt like it has so many times before. Leave the political process to the political people. The Church should be concerned with ripping people out of hell.

Sometimes the Church flirts very dangerously to idolatry when it comes to conservative political leaders. It is not healthy, wise, or close to being biblical.

Mike Bickle has preached against endorsements

I remember Mike use to say that endorsing political leaders was not something the ministry should be about. He did not endorse George W. Bush for this reason. I also think that the critics that think Mike believes in Kingdom Now theology are going to have a field day with this. It was not smart on any level whatsoever.

I understand it from the position of Ted Cruz. He wants to use and abuse ministry leaders to get endorsements. He is a political leader. We know what they are after. However, why did Mike Bickle (and Dr. Micheal L. Brown) allow themselves to be abused in that regard? It goes against everything Mike teaches and believes.

At the end of the day, people like Ted Cruz do not represent the Bride of Christ. They do whatever they can to get elected and make all types of promises that they know they can never keep. I can not count how many times I have hear “I will….” out of Ted’s mouth. The truth is he is making promises that he can’t keep and ministry leaders are falling for it hook, line and sinker. It is embarrassing.

I can not tell you how many times that Mike Bickle has told people to not follow to the deception of political leaders and their promises. Now, he has allowed himself to fall to the deception himself. I know one thing. If I do vote for Ted, it will not be because he has promised me the moon and mars as well.

I am more disappointed in Mike than I am in Cruz. I expected Mike to use a little more wisdom and not fall into the hype. I was wrong.

Ted Cruz is not Jesus, people

One of the biggest problems that I see is people thinking getting “our guy” in office will somehow be a silver bullet to bring revival. This is completely untrue. Revival normally comes in the face of the most vile political landscape possible. People forget it was during the Clinton era that the Toronto Blessing and the Brownsville Revival broke out. Bad leadership in Washington forces the Church to be….well the Church. You know the Blood bought, water immersed, fire Baptized revival focused Bride of Christ!

No leader, be it Billy Graham, Benny Hinn or Ted Cruz can save us. Only Jesus has that power. When we make leaders into our heroes; we have a golden calf in the land. We have bow to a false idol and we are so brainwashed that we do not even see it. Sometimes, we even war against it while we are blinding doing the very thing we are against.

Isreal has this problem too. They wanted a King. They wanted a ruler. God did not want them to need a leader but they demanded it anyway. They want someone to make choices for them and not use their mind, will and emotions to champion their own life in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Little has changed. Americans have the same mentality.

As far as I am concerned, Ted Cruz or Donald Trump did not die on the cross, they were not raised from dead and they are not mounted at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Ted Cruz is not Jesus Christ!

What about Mike Huckabee?

If Mike Bickle was to endorse someone, I would have thought it would be Huckabee. Mike is a bible believing conservative that tries his best to live his faith out in the midst of political process. He hold the values of the International House of Prayer much better than Ted Cruz. Huckabee has also joined Bickle in crying out for the nation at prayer events. He did it when he was not running for office as well. It was not a political move; it was a spiritual move.

While Huckabee is not a Pentecostal or a Charismatic; Cruz is not either. I do not believe any of the current people running for President is a Pentecostal or a charismatic. With the absence of someone like John Ashcroft; the options for a bible believing and fire baptized leaders are very limited.

While I could be totally off my rocker but I am just blown away that Mike Bickle has done this and it does not make sense to me whatsoever. I realize I have not been part of the International House of Prayer for a long time but this just doesn’t have common sense to it.

What are you thinking Mike?

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