Mercy over Judgement

Judgement comes to steal, kill and destroy but mercy gives life and more of it! When we speak ill over someone’s life even when it is true, we are choose to speak forth destiny of destruction, death, and failure. I am not saying we become “name it claim it,” but we do have to be become how we see people and the what we speak about them. You see out of the heart, the mouth speaks. When we speak bad things about someone, it is because we have bitterness, resentment, and hatred in our heart. The Holy Spirit can not dwell in a heart filled with these things.

I have tasted first hand of the friut of the accuser of the Brethen. I know what can happen when people determine in their hearts to “expose” people. I have had on more than one occasion has people who had a desire in their heart to try and “expose” me due to weakness and past failures. They were choosing judgement over mercy and when you choose that, you choose to link arms with hell’s fallen angels. Judgement does not empower conviction; it empowers comdemnation. It is mercy that paves the way for conviction.

When we know something bad about someone else, we have to use great mercy with that information. Why did God give us that information for? Was it to “expose them” or was to have mercy and encourage them unto freedom? You see love covers a multitude of sins. Covering them is not exposing them nor is it covering them up. It is giving room for people to work out their our issues in mercy. Is there a place and time to expose sin? YES! It is not in judgement and it is not on Google either! People with a mean spirit sometimes choose to use blogs and Facebook to release demonic judgement on believers.

Let us not forget that to the degree we give mercy, we receive it. If we choose to forgive, we are taking the higher road. I personally am choosing to take the higher road of forgiveness concerning a person who tried to destroyed my life, my company, and my ministry this week for personal gain. The fighter in me says to fight back and go after them like they did me but the Holy Spirit in me says, “Take the higher road. You are the believer here.” Therefore, I am just choosing forgiveness.