Meet the Writers

Meet the Writers

Azusa Report started as a personal place for me to give my thoughts on my passion: revival among the nations. It has grown from there due to the hunger in the people of God for authentic outpouring.

It was known as Voice of Healing International for a time then it become Latter Rains for a very long time. In May 2017, the name was changed to Azusa Report to tell more what the website is about and to clear up some misunderstanding about beliefs in the 1948 Latter Rains revival. Click here to read why we change the name of the website in more detail.

Currently, the website is still mainly a one man show with me writing most of everything. This will change in the future but it has not yet.

About the Editor


I was saved in the Brownsville Revival in July 1996 and has been part of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. I have also traveled to many nations preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. My favorite part of the world is the South Pacific that is rich in revival history.

I started his theological education at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and went on to get a B.A. in Evangelism and ultimately a M.A. in Missions. He is currently completing more education online.

Why has my name been removed from the website?

In the world we live, security is a concern. Some people do not respect other people and as a result, I have had to take steps to make sure myself, my family and my friends are protected. I could just use a fake name as many bloggers choose to do. I have chosen instead to just idenify myself as “Azusa Report.”

While I do believe in the nameless and faceless generation that is coming in the end time revival, this decision was not made based on anything spiritually related but mere about personal safety.


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