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Many Pentecostals will MISS the next revival!

The next major move of God will be largely missed by many Pentecostals and even mocked by many. It will offend them. God is going to expose their compromised hearts in the process.

I have had many prophetic words over the last twenty years that the next great revival that will shake America will be among the poor of the nation. God is going to come among the poor to offend the middle class that think everything starts with them. White suburbia will hate that they are the the center of God’s movement.

The trends about where the church is heading is quite alarming. Statistics show we are heading in the wrong direction and nothing short of a national awakening will change the course of the faithful.

As Floyd McClung points out, over the last hundred years, people have been moving from the farms to the cities. There is a urbanization of America happening like never before. Rural towns are becoming ghost towns and small cities are becoming mega-plexes. Kansas City has grown over 650,000 people since 1980 for example.

This makes the urban context all the more important for ministry and that every movement should have a serious plan for revival within the urban core. This is not to say that rural ministry does not matter but the trends show that the the people are in the urban setting.

Ministry to the Poor

Make no mistake about it: the next great revival will be among the poor in the inner cities of America. It will be about drug addicts, prostitutes, pimps, and every times of sinner you can think of getting saved, healed and delivered right in our midst. The greatest advances of the Holy Spirit will be among the the most broken of society.

The Pentecostal movement will return to its roots. In the early days, much of our membership was poor people who God touched powerfully. In fact, the only reason Azusa Street happen in Los Angeles was William Seymour was struck due to finances. The poor will once again be the focus.

This runs counter to the trends we are seeing in modern times. Many churches are building their big complexes in the suburbans and leaving the inner cities in the dust. The churches that started in the inner cities are even looking for an exit to the richer suburbans as soon as possible.

However, the Holy Spirit is going to move again among the poor in the inner city and the revival will be among the outcast of society. There will be people will unthinkable testimonies in the next revival. Many child molesters will be completely redeemed by the powered of the Spirit and restored. Rapists and murderers will also take place as leaders as deacons and elders!

One thing that will be interesting is that the next revival will be more loved by the world than by the church world.

Racial Harmony in Revival

Statitices according to Darrin Rodgers from the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center stats that the greatest advancements among Pentecostalism is happening within the Hispanic and black communities. The number among white Pentecostal remain about the same. This is of interest because where most miniorities tend to live in the country.

By and large, minorities are living in the urban core of our cities. This is why we are seeing great progress with Hispanic speaking churches in America. The same is true of Filipino and Vietnamese speaking churches.

Black Americans see church as a culture thing but there is a growth of people coming into true conversion that changes their life. This is happening all across the country. It will long increase as we get closer to the next great revival that is going to shake the nation to its core.

What does this mean for white Pentecostals? Many will be offended at every race being touched at the revival. It will change many things. One of them will be the way we worship. Many older Pentecostals will be upset at hip hop worship songs but it will open the move of the Spirit to many sinners. Modesty of the sinners will be a hard pill for many old Pentecostal to take as well.

Incarnal Revival!

I believe many are being called to actually pick up their lives and move into the inner cities of America, develop relationships with the people living there and plant ministries. While other might not feel the call to be incarnal; they are called to be sowers into the revival that is coming.

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