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Loren Cunningham is critical to revival!

I would hope that most people know who Loren Cunningham is but if you do not know, he is the founder and key leader of YWAM (Youth With A Mission). He is probably the strongest link to revival today and has the ability to take revival to the nations more than anyone.

YWAM has around 14,000 staff is about every nation. A move of the Spirit could spread to the ends of the earth in no time through their mission bases. A few staff could go to a meetings in Nashville with a revivalist and within days, it could spread to Hawaii, Hong Kong, and even North Korea.

Imagine, a touch from the Spirit happens at University of the Nations in Kona where Loren Cunningham lives. He is hit by the power of God; the news would spread to all these mission bases in a matter of days. While he has never been a leader in revival, I believe it he is critical for the great end time harvest that we will see at the end of the Church age.

I believe that any major international revival will have YWAM in the middle of it. It would make the move spreading much, much easier to put it lightly.

Why I believe Loren Cunningham could lead a revival

While I have said before that YWAM has rejected Pentecostalism wholesale; the roots are there. Loren is historically a classic Pentecostal, a son of a pastor of an Assemblies of God church in the Southwestern United States. He was even trained theologically at Central Bible College of the Assemblies of God. (I spend some time there myself)

At the core of Loren is the power of Pentecost. He was raised in the heyday of the revival in the 1950’s that became know as the Latter Rain revival and later the healing revival known as the Voice of Healing. I am sure as a young man, he received from men like Jack Coe, A.A. Allen and even Oral Roberts.

Another factor that people seem to forget is that Loren Cunningham is actually known for a book about hearing the voice of God. Is that really you, God? has been sold or given away is about every country on the planet. He is opening to the prophetic on some level. I do know that YWAM use to be far more open to it than they are now but that is subject to change in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

While Loren has not been part of a major revival since he was a teenager, he has always befriended people who have been in revivals like John Arnott, Mike Bickle and Che Ahn. I am sure those friendship have made an impression on Cunningham. I can not see how they couldn’t.

At the end of the day, it is the influence that Loren Cunningham has that could make revival spread like wildfire!  This is not rocket science here.

YWAM needs revival!

If you know anything about YWAM, you know it needs a major move of God within itself as much as through it. It has leaders with all type of different beliefs from Calvinism to Open Thiesm or Moral Government of God. Some of the leaders are just as goofy. I know of one major leaders in the United States that is basically against deliverance ministry. This person does not believe in the casting out of devils. Litterally.

More bases than I care to name have pushed the power of the Holy Spirit out the side door and went almost United Methodist on their expression of the faith. In fact, many of the leaders actually attend Methodist churches. Diversity is about the Charismatics and Pentecostals coming down to the Baptists; not the Baptist coming up to the Pentecostal in the things of the Spirit.

This has been one of YWAM biggest issues (and why I left in 2005). It would take a major working of God for this trend to be changed. Pentecostals are not welcomed as it stands now.

The good news is that one Upper Room experience like Acts 2 could change everything. They had not seen tongues of fire until they experienced the tongues of fire. There was not a burning bush until there was a burning bush. One meeting where the heavens are open and the fire of God falls can fix all the problems within Youth With A Mission and they will return to their first love: the Holy Spirit!

Only Loren Cunningham can turn the tide

He is now 79 years old. He has been a leader in world missions for over 50 years now. The original Youth With A Mission are Great-Grandmas with a mission. People tend to forget just how old the movement is.

Truth is that Loren probably has a decade or a little more left before he passes away. If revival does not come to YWAM before that; the chances are that the movement will become as dead as other mission movements have without their original founder. Overseas Missionary Fellowship is a shell of what Hudson Taylor was. YWAM will follow the same path without Loren!

What is more important is that a revival within YWAM would have 14,000 young revivalist ready to preach the gospel to the nations with power and authority. It would be a ready to go curcuit riders like the 2nd Great Awakening had. People are impacted and by the next week, they could stand in the markets of Africa preaching the gospel!

Revival would flow through YWAM and transform it as a process. A move of the Holy Spirit is like a pipeline for the river of Life. It goes through the pipe but the pipe itself is completely soaked from the water. A revival within the movement would complete soak the missionaries with the presence of the Spirit and it would flood the world with an awakening.

I firmly believe that it needs to happen before Loren Cunningham is too old to travel or has passed away. Now is the time for revival in YWAM!

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