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Seek God’s face, Lee University

I will never forget Feb. 8, 2006. I was in my office working on my things when I got a call from a friend of mine that is in Asbury Seminary. He was excited because, “God was pouring out in chapel.” I thought to myself, “Asbury, Methodist school in KY? Huh? This does not register!” I told my friend to tell me what God was doing. He told me, “Well it looks like it did when you took me to that Brownsville thing in Florida back in the day.” So what did I do? I flew to Kentucky to see this move of God!

I walked in the chapel and saw a girl curled up in a ball weeping in intercession for her school. I look up at the altar and saw many students laying prostrate seeking the God of heaven for breakthrough in their lives. The president of the college told me he had not seen anything like this before. My response was simply, “Brother, if we are going to see what we have never seen, we have to do what we have never done.”

So what on earth do Asbury College and Lee University have in common, and why do I write to you about this? If God could pour out His Spirit at a Methodist school in Kentucky, why would He not do it at a Pentecostal school in Tennessee? Could we have a move of the Holy Spirit happen in our chapel services? What would it be like if the leadership of Lee had to cancel classes because the wind of the Holy Spirit blazed His way through our mundane chapel meetings? These are questions the move of God at Asbury has raised in my heart.

I was born into revival. When I was at Central Bible College, I saw God comes in such power, the president cancelled classes for a week as we cry out in intercession for the denomination we were part of. It is clear as yesterday, laying on the floor of E. S. Williams Chapel wailing in the Spirit for hours only to stand up to go lay hands on a girl in a wheelchair that got in a wreck several weeks before. The girl was never going to walk again but she was doing “victory laps” around the chapel that day! Why was it? I believe it was because there were a people who had made prayer propriety. If God can do at Central Bible College, I believe he can do at Lee.

Okay, so what do I suggest to get this type of presence on our campus? As a people, we must start to look at our lives and answer the question, “Am I living worthy of the call of God?” Once that is answered, we can get set ourselves before the Lord in prayer contending for God to pour out His Spirit in a tangible way. The other thing I know about moves of God is they do not like to be put in the box of time restraints. Is a move of God possible at Lee? Yes! Will we pay the price for a move of God with our personal agendas?

That is the question that must be answered and the decision will change the destiny of every student, staff, and faculty. How bad do we want a move of God?

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