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Mike Bickle believes in Kingdom Now?

There is a debate in a corner of Facebook about IHOP, Mike Bickle and Kingdom Now theology. Some people believe a few quote or a short clip on God TV is the basis for the all of the theological position of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

Before we get started on this, let me say this: I know Mike Bickle. I know his theology on the End Times. I left IHOP over it and will not be part of the ministry because of it. However, Mike Bickle is not a subscriber to Kingdom Now theology and never has.

I have to confess: I think half of the “Mike Bickle said” lines are funny. People take and put all types of things in his mouth that is far from anything Mike said or believes. Mike might hold some different ideas on some things but can we at least only blame him for what he actually does believe… not what we want to make him look like he believes?

What is true is that Mikes does believe in the post-tribulation rapture. He does not hold the classic Pentecostal view on the rapture and considers it and the book series, Left Behind, to be heresy. I completely disagree with him on this and left IHOP over it to be honest.

Mike Bickle and Kingdom Now

At the core of the discussion is Wes Martin spoke on God TV. I have not seen it, to be honest, and said that Isreal is critical to revival. The truth of the matter is this is true and it has nothing to do with Kingdom Now. Revelation tells us about the importance of a revival among the Jewish people. God is looking for one new man and that is the Word of God.

What I find funny about this is two things: Wes Martin is not Mike Bickle and Wes is not even currently part of IHOP. He has sold his farm and is serving as a pastor in St Louis, Missouri now.

I think it is foolish to say Mike Bickles believes…then quote one of the other 1,200 people that serve on the staff of the International House of Prayer. Mike can’t be do quality control on that. He just can’t.

According to the IHOP website, here is what Mike holds to.

We affirm that God’s purpose is for Jesus to come back to fully establish His kingdom rule over all the earth. After the second coming, the saints will rule the earth under the leadership of Jesus Christ when He sets up His government on earth in Jerusalem in the millennial kingdom (1 Cor. 6:2; Rev. 5:10; 20:3–6). We believe that believers in this age are called to serve Jesus in politics and to help establish righteousness and justice in legislation. We do not have the assurance that all laws and governments will be changed until after the second coming of Jesus when He establishes His millennial kingdom.

We deny that the Church will take over all the governments of the earth before the return of Christ.

Explanation: Some believe and teach that all governments on earth will be transformed by the Church before the second coming of Jesus.

Mike does believe we need godly leaders

He does hold, as I do, that we need to see people in the leadership who value what God values. We need senators and congressmen that will finally win abortion and defend religious liberty. If that is what you call being Kingdom Now, I do not think you understand what the doctrine is.

In that same page, IHOP goes on to say, “Our primary mandate as an organization is prayer and humanitarian action; it is not political. We are not involved in US politics, let alone politics in another nation.”

If they do not get involved in the political process and not try to alter the political landscape; they can not believe in Kingdom Now teaching. It is just that simple.

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