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When the Kingdom comes: Expect repentance in 2018!

It is a little after noon in Manila, Philippines on New Year Day. 2017 is gone and we welcoming 2018. With that comes new expectations for the inbreaking of the Holy Spirit. What does it look like when the Kingdom comes? It is called Repentance.

Let me be blunt here from the start: I find all these “year of….” prophecy to be false prophecy and basically divivations. None of them actually happen unless they are so vague that it is impossible for them not to happen. We need to move away from vague prophetic ministry as quickly as possible. It only hurts us as a movement.

With that said, I want this to be the year that we restore the concepts of revival, apostolic and the prophetic. We have seriously cheapened these things to the point that they mean nothing. Everything is prophetic and every ministry makes apostolic claims. Any church gathering a little more anointed than normal become “wholesale revival.” Doing this allows to accept the counterfeit and never experience the authentic reality of the prophetic, apostolic and revival.

As a child, we have to get shots that are vaccinations. What they are giving you is the actual infection but just enough that your body can respond to it and build itself to fight it if you get the real attack. That is what is happening in our churches as well. We are getting just enough revival, enough prophecy and enough apostolic ministry to stop up from getting the authentic. It is a plan of the evil one and we bought it hook, line and sucker.


Kingdom comes : Call to Repentance

If there is anything God is calling up to in this year, it is repentance and I am talking about biblical model of it. God is calling us deeper and that requires fresh repentence. I realize that many will not like this message but the fact is that if we want to see true outpouring, there must be a true breaking of our soulish nature.

The truth is that we do not see the move of the Spirit like the early Pentecostals did because we have cheapened what they had and remove all spirituality from it. Studying the Azusa Street Revival has become purely an academic pursuit of names, dates and fact. We forget that William Seymour put his head in an egg crate for days on end crying, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”

If we want to see major revival come, we are going to have to be grieved over the condition of our spiritual lives. This does not mean we are just a little nicer to people than we was before. It means that we are sickened by our fleshly conduct.

The miracles do not seal us unto redemption. They are amazing and we need more of them but it is seal of heaven on our lives is based on repentance, not how many blind eyes we see open during campmeeting in the summer.

Weep for yourselves! -Jesus

On his way to death, Jesus told a group of women the following words. When you really understand what was happening, you will understand the critical call to revival in his words,

Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. (Luke 23:28)

Jesus told them to weep for themselves and their city. God saves people, not cities or generations but are we grieved by the condition of our cities? I am not talking being critical and hateful about it but actually weeping over the condition of where we live?

I am not saying that we speaking of the city “by faith” and pretend that there is not drug addictions, crime, and sexual immorality. They all are realities and the products of sin. I am talking about if we are moved to the point of tears over the condition of people in our neighborhood, work place and schools on a bobsled to hell? All these stats that we read are people. They are someone’s brother or sister. Do you weep for their soul?

Currently, the town I grew up is dealing with the worst movement of hard drugs in the history of the city. The numbers are staggering and about every family in the city has been affected by the increase of meth usage in the city. The problem with it is that many of the churches, even Pentecostal churches are doing nothing about it. They just accept it as fact but they are broken and driven to tears because of it. After all, weeping doesn’t happen the offerings.

Understanding Heaven’s timetable

I want to be very clear about this: we will not see revival break out in 2018. I feel very strongly that it is not a year of major outpouring. There might be a small move here or there but nothing on the national level. However, if we prepare ourselves in repentence and grieving over our conditions of our cities, moves of the Spirit could very well break out in the next year. We would be smart to prepare the way for awakening in our lives, churches and cities.

The Kingdom comes on Heaven’s clock which seems to be a lot slower than ours. We live in a microwave culture and God operates to crock pot culture. As soon as we realize that we expecting things on God’s terms, not America’s term; they better we will be as believers, citizens, and as people. In the waiting, we are being set apart as a people to withstand the fiery darts of hell when revival does come to the Pentecostal church.

We are in this for the long haul. Revival in the churches and the harvest of souls is a marathon, not a sprint. We have been running the race since Acts 2 and we are still running the same race that the Apostle Peter started. It is just the baton has been passed from one generation to the next.

While 2018 will be a time of repentance and setting apart, it is part of the bigger picture to get us ready to deal with the fiery attacks that will come at us when revival does break out home and abroad.


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