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Keith Wheeler carries the cross of Christ to every man!

Keith Wheeler

Keith Wheeler is an amazing man that has carried the cross around the world. Outside of Authur Blessitt, Mike Francen and Loren Cunningham; he has been to the most nations of anyone I know.

He has taken the cross to some pretty dangerous places in the Philippines, Iraq, and Libya. He has fearlessly proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to people from everywhere you can dream of. He just loves anyone and everyone as they are, where they are. 

He has been doing full time since 1985 proclaiming the goodness of God to whoever will listen to him. I just love what he is about and his heart for souls.

Is carrying the Cross effective?

I realize that this could open a can of worms but the simple answer is yes. It is effective because it makes people think, they come over to Keith and talk to him about the Lord. If for nothing else, carrying the cross is a ice breaker for the proclamation of the gospel.

Paul also told us the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but a man walking down the street with one forces their to consider the gospel they have heard a dozen times. It is offensive to their indecision about Jesus Christ.

I have carried a cross into some very dangerous area like Santa Monica in Los Angeles and the French Quarters in New Orleans. This is hard core evangelism that I would recommend most people try and do. It is can ugly really fast. The cross offended people planning to be sinner for the weekend.

Keith Wheeler on the Cross

How to make a cross like Keith Wheeler has

He does not have a tutorial on his website but Authur Blessitt, the original “Cross walker” does have some help for us. I have used these plans myself to build one.  You can build one for about $50 or so. I built my first one and we took it right into the Passion’s One Day event.

The one thing you need to make sure you have if you want to carry it for very far is welding a bicycle tire on the bottom of it. Otherwise, it will kill your back. I would even consider a lighter material than solid Pine.

You might not be the next Keith Wheeler that carried the cross to 150 nations but it is nice to have it for special events (as I do). Most of them do not have a call to carry a physical cross everywhere we go, but some of us may recieve that anointing.

Here is a picture of Keith Wheeler in American Samoa, the small US territory I use to live in.

Keith Wheeler

Keith Wheeler, the Cross walker from Tulsa, Oklahoma in American Samoa.

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