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Keep your love on will not bring revival!

Latter Rains is deeply committed to revival and we are not going to change the subject of revival for anything. Until people are saved, healed, delivered, and filled en masse; the vision for revival is still a dream. I do not believe this Keep your love on teaching will get us there.

I have met Danny Silk, the author of the book and former pastor. He was on staff at Bethel Church under Bill Johnson back in the day and he is a little too pastoral for me. Ok, he is way too pastoral for my liking. In the dozen or so messages I have sit under him, I have heard nothing that actually brings revival. Just pastoral nonsense.

I have said many times that the quickest way to end revival is to hand a pastor a microphone and I truly believe that. Pastors are too worried about the horizontal relationship than they degrade the vertical relationship. They make a much bigger deal out of the “unto one another” passage than the whole of scripture actually allows for.

I have no personal issue with Danny Silk. I just think this Keep your love on teaching is dangerous to have wide spread revival. I understand there is a place for pastoral care. I just don’t think revival is that place. Most people do not need to have consulting; they need to get to the altar until they are altered.

Keep your love on could actually hinder revival

These type teachings have no place in revival. I realize many will disagree with me but I will hold that statement. The focus of revival should be preaching Jesus as Savior, Healer, Deliverer, and Baptizer. Anything else should be secondary to those message. Revival is about the gospel in its’ fullness. In eternity, how you love your dog won’t matter a heap of beans. It is just in here and now.

I remember being in revivals that went 12 weeks, 15 weeks, 22 weeks; the pastors would keep trying to “pastor it.” A move of the Holy Spirit should never be pastored. You can’t control a hurricane and you can’t pastor a revival. One is about as easy as the other. There is a reason that John Kilpatrick was laid out by the Holy Spirit the day that the Brownsville Revival broke out! Pastors struggle letting the river flow with choosing the where the banks are.

I have seen few pastors than be really be revivalists. They want to well, pastor. The one that I would say that lay down his pastoral mindset on the altar and go for revival is Mike Bickle. When revival broke loose at the International House of Prayer, he threw out teaching and just say “Come, Holy Spirit, Come.” (Revelation 22:17) He is a very rare breed though.

If you want a pastoral church, teaching like Keep your love on is very good for that. However, if you was a pastoral church; you can forget having a church on fire and in revival. Some churches will never see revival and that is fine. Different expressions of the Kingdom of God in a given city is important and even healthy.

Am I against Keep your love on?

I am not. As I said, I have met Danny Silk and he is a pretty cool guy. His messages never did much for me and he is way too pastoral for my liking but it works great for some people. If a church does not have a vision for revival, they might really benefit from his ministry.

The parts that I have read of it have convinced me that it is the same pastoral care message that I have heard since I was a young evangelist. I am not quite sure how someone could get saved, healed or delivered from a call to be a better sister or brother at home. I call this “Better Homes and Gardens.”

One place that I should see a teaching like Keep your Love on being very powerfully used is in Teen Challenge. They are a group of people who many broken relationship that are putting their lives back together. It would be very acceptable to lead them though the teaching as they walk out releasing and receiving forgiveness.

However, pushing the pause button on open heavens in revival and telling people in their wheelchairs, “Sorry, not tonight” is not the place for it. It is all about discerning the moment you are in and the purpose of the anointing at hand. You can always pastor a church, you can’t always partner with the Breaker anointing.

The Todd Bentley issue

I know someone will bring up the issue of Todd Bentley and what happened at the end of the Lakeland Outpouring. Wouldn’t the teaching of Danny Silk helped keep Todd from the complete moral breakdown he had. Not really. It was too late and if all you see is Bentley’s sins, you missed the whole problem. You see the fruit but have disregard the root system.

The real issue that happened was Todd was completely wounded by his brothers and sisters. He was the victim of very hateful bloggers who was out to destroy him, his life and his ministry. While he is to blame for his actions ultimately; the amount of hate directed his way can not discounted. Basically, the whole world has turned on him for little petty differences in style.

When you are under that much pressure from so many people, it does not matter how much pastoral care you have on the phone; hell is going to break loose. I have been there. Nothing can prepare you for onslaught of hate that comes like that.

Todd Bentley is not the only one that has been the victim of this nasty spirit that hides in the shadows of our churches. Bishop Eddie Long was always completely destroyed to the point of suicide by this same devil that we welcome in our blogsphere.

Simply, I do think Keep your Love on would have helped Todd at all.

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