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Joseph Company : Rising up Pentecostal business

For many years, Pentecostasl have engaged in business and been quite successful. People like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others was able to create great wealth by doing what they learned in Sunday School in the local Assembly of God. It is my conviction that God is going to raise up dozens, if not hundreds, of great Entrepreneurs in our day to help the poor of the earth.

I remember during my time at the International House of Prayer- Kansas City hearing a lot about Joseph Company. This is what Paul Cain and others believe is a group of people in business that will be quite successful in order to fund the expansion of the gospel to the poor of the earth leading up to the catching up of the saints.

It is believed that God will anoint some people to be ministers within the business community. They will find their harvest in the marketplace and out of their labors, great wealth will be transferred for gospel expansion.

An example of this would be Hobby Lobby. They have raised up a godly model for business and hold to their values of traditional evangelicalism even in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court. As a result, they was able to financially save both the former Zion Bible College (Assemblies of God) and Oral Roberts University.

Pentecostal businesses arise!

There is coming a movement of people who are trained up in our bible colleges for business and it will lead to the funding of many evangelists and missionaries around the world. It will be the the largest movement of money from hedge funds to the bush of Asia and Africa in the history of humanity. It will not be for the cause of socialism but for the cause of Christ. It will be about the great end time harvest.

The greatest hindrance to revival to date for Pentecostals has been the lack of money. Missionaries spend a good amount of their time raising support going from church to church getting a pledge of $25 to $100 a month. They have to repeat this cycle every few years. It is counter productive for their assignment but it is a “necessary evil” for most missionaries.

What is coming is partnership with businesses that are seamless and can keep the soldiers of the harvest on the front lines until the rapture! Businessmen that completely fund missionary enterprises for the harvest. I know this is possible. Heidi Baker and David Hogan are examples of this.

Pentecostal businessmen that value missionaries is the future of world missions. These are companies that earmark hundreds of dollars every month for a missionary that they work with a hard to reach nation. This is starting to happen already in many places now. Azusa Report helps facilitate some of this now.

It is time for a new model to empower the end time harvest of souls in the nations of the world. The missionary deputation is just not working for us and it will become more and more of a pain for missionaries the closer we get to the catching up of the saints.

Pentecostal money laundering

The question that I get asked the most is why am I not a missionary with the Assemblies of God? The truth is that they, like every other missionary sending group out there, is doing the Christian version of money laundering. Before you dismiss this claim, understand what is happening.

A missionary goes from church to church getting pledges from $25 to $50 on average. They have to do this for up to three years to have a total of thousands of dollars committed every month to justify them to leave for their chosen harvest field. They could have been there winning the lost for years while trying to raise this insane amount of money. On top of that, they come back every three years to tell all the churches, “Hey, I still need that twenty bucks.”

Now about the money laundering part of world missions with the Assemblies of God, Church of God, YWAM, or any other sending group. If First Assembly of God in New York City sends you $20 a month; the national office needs their cut. This could mean $2-5 of that $20 you was just given by the Assembly. Now, the National Council in the country you serve also has admin fees as well. It could be another $2 of that $20. In reality, your $20 is at most $16 and we have not even started to discuss transfer or other banking fees.

Joseph Company works!

This is a model that many large ministries in evangelism has been using for quite some time. Reinhard Bonnke has mainly funded his massive crusades in Africa from successful businessmen being able to finance the gospel festivals. Carlos Annacondia owns his own nut and bolt factory that funds his large evangelistic meetings that sets the captive free. Benny Hinn also has several businesses that give over a million dollars for gospel outreaches. Virtually every major evangelistic ministry is being funded by Joseph Company style business.

In fact, Azusa Report works with some businessmen in the United States for the express purpose of printing and distributing literature in native languages within the 10/40 window or what the military knows as Central Command. Current focus of operations is in hostile areas of the war against ISIS. Arabic version of the booklet about the Holy Spirit and miracles are given away free of charge within dangerous locale.

As we move closer to the rapture, I believe we will more and more business and ministry partnership that could be called Joseph Company that will empower national revivals in some very hard to reach lands. I am talking sending missionaries that are fully funded (from outside the church) into places that there is no missionaries to plant churches in places churches are illegal.

I firmly believe that mission focused ministry, such as Azusa Report, must start to rethink how we do missions in light of Pneumatology in the context of Eschatology. It does not take a prophet to figure out what we have is not working and it will lead to many missionary launching Joseph Company businesses to finance their assignment that they are contending for in the Holy Spirit.

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