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Jonathan Welton Revisited : Has things changed?

A lot of people contact me about the article related to Jonathan Welton. It was the only time I called anyone a heretic. Many of his supporters have reached out to me and most of them have been mostly civil. However, I still have to stand by what I said many months ago.

I just wanted to give this update because I believe very strongly that the guy is completely confused theologically and as a result of that, he is operating from a spirit of confusion. You can not give what you do not have. If Jonathan only has confusion, he will only give confusion.

While I do hold that he is a heretic and leads many people astray, I am not saying that he is demon possessed or going to hell. Despite what some will say, there is people with some really horrible doctrines in heaven. I have no reason to question the salvation of Jonathan Welton. Let’s be very clear about that.

I also am not discussing his personal life or his walk with the Lord. I have been told this and told that. However, gossip is gossip and it is sin. I do not question him heart before the Lord. I just question that he should continue to promote heretic teaching.

The Eschatological question

Jonathan has been his following discussing the issues about the Kingdom of God and expanding on the heretic view on Partial Preterism. Much like his evil twin, full preterism, it must be rejected because it does not line up with the biblical or historical understanding of events. I have no issue with Kingdom focused doctrine about things to come. After all, Jesus did say that the gospel of the Kingdom would be preached. He did not say the message of salvation but the Kingdom. (See Matthew 24:14)

I also do not expect everyone to hold to a Pre-Tribulation catching up of the saints in the midst of the end time Holy Ghost revival, either. I believe that is what the scriptures teach but I do not have issues with people who disagree with me. I spend years with Mike Bickle at IHOPKC that has caused quite the issue over rejecting anything but a Post-Trib/Pre-Wrath position. We disagree but both views are within the biblical and historical view of Pre-Millennial.

However, when someone starts making a mockery out of passages like 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and others; that is when they have crossed the line into some heretical views. Partial Preterism has never been and is not widely accepted as a biblical view of things to come. The truth is no one had ever heard of it until the 1600 in any form.

The idea that the saints will be “raptureless” is heretical and a complete dental of historical fact. There will be a catching up of the saints, no matter if he likes it or not.

Click here to see my response to Robert Morris about his attack on the rapture where I debunk the three common reasons people claim they take issue with it.  

Jonathan Welton & 70AD

It is no secret that the events that happened in Jerusalem in 70 have intensive prophetic realities to them. The fall of the Holy City is one of a few things in history that really set the biblical prophecy timetable in motion.  It is right in the same group as the formation of Israel, the reunion of USSR, and the end time revival. It is important but it is not the only thing that matters. That is where Johnathan gets way off.

He does to the point to believing the Old Covenant was still active until the fall. There is zero biblical evidence of this. In fact, it is crazy to think that the entire Book of Acts happened under the rules and regulation of the Torah. I am not sure how we get from the veil being ripped to the fall of the Holy City. The reason being is the official transfer from the old to new covenant was when Jesus took his last breath.

In a recent blog, he tried to defend this view. He would naturally jump right into Matthew 24 to make his claim. The truth is that Larry Norman was wrong and that the imminent fulfillment of it is the fall of the Temple. However, the problem with using this as the sole interpretation is many factors seemly do not work out. There is also a futuristic fulfillment. After all, most biblical prophecies have at least a duality in scope.

Burn Raptureless or not?

Some people have emailed me asking if they should burn his books and some pretty extreme things. As I said, I think he is confused and as a result is confusing others. In the past, I have reached out to him and tried to discuss the concerns I have with him. He has refused every attempt that I have made. I also know a mutual friend tried to get something up as well.

As things are today, I can not recommend in good faith people to read anything of Jonathan Welton. He continues to promote confusing doctrine that leaves believers with more questions than answers. It is not just about disagreeing about the timing of the catching (as Bickle does), it is about the complete denial of it altogether. When some other things like his concepts about Acts happened under the law of Torah (Old Covenant); it is one complex mess.

I do believe that he will make heaven. However, I believe that William Brahnam is also in heaven. Our relationship is the basis on entry into the Eternal City. We are not saved by our doctrine but that does not mean that have sound theology is not critical. As we draw closer to the catching up, pure doctrine will have even more importance.

I have not closed the door on a dialog with Jonathan about some of the radical ideas he is promoting. In fact, I will publicly say that I am open to discussing things with him. However, history shows that he is that interested in having any communication.


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