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Jonathan Welton reached out : how to not disagree in the Kingdom of God

First of all, the last article on Welton Academy being a cult was not something I thought would pick up 27,000 views within 24 hours and have hundreds of people commenting across dozens of trends around Facebook but it happen. Jonathan Welton has also posted a short response. 

The first thing that I want to make very clear is that I consider Jonathan a brother in Christ as well as a deceived person who has become a false teacher. He is basically the more likable version of Justin Peters. I have NO choice but to stand on my conviction that he is leading many astray with his “raptureless” doctrine.

The fact of the matter is he does not want open dialog and actually discuss the issues. He only wants my article down so he does not have to face the doctrinal problem that he is creating in the American evangelical movement, namely in the prophetic expression of it.

What did Jonathan Welton say to me

He wanted to me to pull the article and then, and only then, would we discuss the heresies he preaches. I am not willing to do that. We discuss the issues and if he convinces me that it is just a big misunderstanding, I pull the article. If he doesn’t, it remains on the website. That is how reality works last I checked.

He also thinks I owe him an apology for stating that he is deceiving the masses. I am sorry to report that I have no reason to not believe that and he trying to rally his follower too use “peer pressure” is not going to matter at the end of the day.

What he has not done is answer any of my questions about his heretical teaching in any way, shape or form. That is the real challenge; not if he doe not care for how I did it or if his “feelings” are hurt. This is the Army of the Lord, not the U.S. Army. There are no stress cards here!

He wants “boundaries”

There is another heretical teaching going around right now that is about boundaries. I do not want to name names on this but the degree of how far it has spread is quite large. This is not just a Jonathan Welton teaching, many have been preaching it.

In reality, this doctrine is more reactionary to the Shepherd movement than anything else. It is not a Kingdom truth because it put other believers at arm’s length and keep people who test our patience from getting too close.

I guess the communication is open and he has my contact information to get to directly to me. The ball in his court what he does with that. We shall see.




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