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John Paul Jackson : Understanding the history of Streams

This is something I have went back and forth on for months. I have struggled if I should say something because I have relationships that will suffer as a result. Do I value them more than I do truth? Do I speak up about serious theological error and worse, demonic witchcraft? The answer is that I must. John Paul Jackson is a false prophet. 

In Ephesus, where there has been great revival; Paul said some very sobering things to them in his farewell speech. This is the city that had a move of God so powerful that it rocked the whole region. This is in the ancient world. This is really unthinkable. However, what was Paul’s sobering concern?

Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. (Acts 20:30)

The Greek says the the men will come to “pervert, corrupt, oppose, distort” truth. The word, diastrephó, can mean to litterally reform truth into something it is not or to reshape something. These men will try and reshape the gospel and draw people to themselves or their ministries. This exactly what we are dealing with when we are discussing Streams Ministries International.

John Paul Jackson in Kansas City

I have taken the downtime due to COVID19 to have some discussion with some old timers in Kansas City. Interestingly, the topic of JPJ kept coming up. These people gave me detailed stories of false prophecy after false prophecy that John Paul gave…some of them destroyed a lot of lives.

You have everything from telling a church to close their doors because the presence of God would never come back again after he left to telling another church they would move into a Westlake (Ace Hardware) building. Neither happened.

However, the one that just blows my mind is when he told a man at a church that the Lord said he was too fat and that if he did not lose weight, God would take him home in a year. He literally told a man that God said the guy was fat!!!! The man was not able to lose the weight but lived for many years afterwards.

Then, you have the big one! JPJ told people that the half the banks in the country would close in 1987 and 75% of the loan company would be out of business. He told everyone that if they had money in the markets, they needed to get it out quickly. The problem is none of this happened and the NYSE was quite stable for all of 1987 and most of 1988.

Why Mike Bickle let John Paul Jackson have “Nights of Enlightment” where there was nothing but false personal prophecy given to people is beyond me. I understand that Mike was much younger then but giving a false prophet (that several prophets told him would arise) full access to people is out of control.

Thankfully, John Wimber ultimately stepped in and dealt with John Paul Jackson but not until a lot of lives were damaged and there was no integrity in the prophetic ministry left in Kansas City.

Connection with New Age mediums

As early as 1985 and as late as 2014; he had connections with New Age mediums. His “prophetic ministry” was always a mixture of spirits at best. Some of it was from the Lord, some of it was stolen from other prophets, and others of it was from demonic new age spirits.

This is the reason that I believe that there is no standards of holiness among people at Streams International. Every person I have ever had dealings with connected to the ministry has had very liberal theology. An example of this, multiple people that are “ordained” by John Paul Jackson was not biblical qualified to be having two living spouses. (1 Timothy 3) Several of them are also drunkards.

The reason this does not matter is they operate in a new age spirit, which is witchcraft, NOT by the Spirit of God. JPJ himself believes God speaks through witches! He was known to spend time among the people within the New Age community. This is historical fact.

Their “outreaches” to the New age movement seems they are being reached more than reaching them. In a personal encounter with them, I was left wondered if I was there to work alongside them but I was there to lead them to Christ. The “Burning Man” team was not burning for the man Jesus, at all! They were full blown witches!!!

Has Streams changed?

The theology of Streams is still very questionable, the teaching is still new age and the lifestyles of its member is still sinful. They are trying to build a business; not actually reach people for the cause of Christ. I have yet to see someone actually been transformed through the ministry of their “dream interpretation” ministry. It is just smart business with slick marketing. You have been played.

The bottom line is everything done by familiar spirits, demons and new age spirits. No one with a true prophetic authority should have anything to do with any of this nonsense. People who truly want to walk in the things of God can not give themselves to drinking, smoking, partying, and channeling mystics. There is no desire to live holy lives at Streams International!

They are still giving false prophecies. They are still trying to “christianize” new age ideals. I just can’t see a reason that some who lives in the fear of the Lord would want to let these people corrupt their spiritual life? There is nothing to gain.

I will end where I begin. Paul said that there would be people that will arise that would try and reshape the gospel into something they could “pervert, corrupt, oppose, distort.” Streams exist to pervert your spiritual life to snatch you away from biblical assemblies for their own financial gain. Simply put.

You are warned.

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