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John Bevere & the legalistic spirit!

John Bevere is a teacher based in Colorado Springs but a dangerous teacher that leads people into bondage, not freedom. I have long considered John to be a heretic.

It might have been while he was an associate pastor for Benny Hinn at World Outreach Center in Orlando, that Bevere got some of this odd ideas. However, some of them I do not think that even Benny would agree on. Alot of control and blind loyalty to man.

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John Bevere wants you under cover

You remember Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Charles Simpson, and Don Basham, along with Ern Baxter? There were the leaders in what became known as the Sheperding Movement. It was also condemned as heresy by anyone and everyone in the Body of Christ too. Pat Robertson, Kathryn Kuhlman, Demos Shakarian, Dennis Bennett, Ken Sumrall, Thomas F. Zimmerman, and David duPlessis all condemned it. Pat Robertson even said the only difference between it and Jonestown was the Kool-Aid. 

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Now, John Bevere is trying to raise the doctrine back to the forefront with his Under Cover doctrine. It takes relationships between pastors and the members of their church to a whole level. You exist to serve your pastor. Your vision is inferior to the vision of your pastor. You are simply there to support him building his ministry.

Sadly, little leadership has come out to say much because either they are eating it up because it empowers them or they just assume there is so much heresy out there; what is one more?

Bevere said in part,

If those under authority take the yoke of judgment upon themselves as judges over their established leaders, they no longer are submitted to established authority, but have elevated themselves as judges over their leaders. Their hearts are lifted up in pride above the ones God placed over them. They have exalted themselves over the ordinance and counsel of God.

There is alot of problems with this thinking. The Holy Spirit is the only established authority in the Body of Christ. Pastors are only there to point to the Holy Spirit. They exist to lead us into liberty. If they are not moving us to more freedom in the Holy Spirit; they are setting themselves against the Word.

A pastor’s role is more of a coach or a cheerleader than it is a Drill Sergeant. The pastor exist to help the people fulfill their dreams, not them exist to fulfill his. Any teaching that does not empower the people to give their God-given dreams out must be fully rejected as heresy and false teaching.

John Bevere is Honor’s reward?

His book Honor’s reward, he takes his covering teaching even more past biblical limits. He goes to tell people what jobs they are in might against the mission of the church and therefore, sin against God.

Are you a doctor? Well, God might have wanted you to be a trashman so you have wronged God and wronged the church. Are you a nurse? How do you know that God didn’t call you to be a professor of history at the University?

This type of self-inspection that leads to guilt and condemnation is not from the Holy Spirit. There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. May we never forget that!

Anything that does not lead up to freedom and liberty is not from the Spirit of the Lord. Revival is about setting the captive free; not putting them in more bondage. When I see people putting people into religious bondage, I speak up. I did about Steve Gray and now I will about John Bevere.

Jesus was not a Calvinist. The will of God is pretty open. The desires of your heart are there for you to make decisions. You do not have to worry every five minutes if you are out of the will of God. Don’t know if you should be a doctor or an evangelist? Pick one and do the stuff of the gospel. You have been set free for a reason. Don’t go back!

Trust the Holy Spirit, not men

So much of this could be gone if people would just learn to trust only in the Holy Spirit’s leadership. Men are just that: men. They will fail you, wound you, hurt you, and betray you. Only the leadership of the Holy Spirit can lead you into all truth.

If you are in a church that you are being led to a man or to a ministry; run. Seriously, run as fast as you can. You are to follow the Spirit of the Living God alone. Your pastor did not die for you. He was not beaten for you. He did not raise from the dead for you. All that “Man of God” teaching is heresy and based on outdated Old Testament ideals. Jesus fulfilled the law so quit living under it.

Should you be part of a local fellowship? That is a choice you will need to make for yourself. If I was to answer it, I would be encourage the same bondage as John Bevere. Listen to the Spirit of God for yourself. He might tell you to go to a local church in your city or He might tell you to follow a ministry across the country over the internet. Just listen to the Holy Spirit and He will lead you into all truth.

As for me, the moment a pastor tries to put a leash on me and control me for his purposes; I am running for the closest door! 


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