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Jill Austin changed my life!

Jill Austin, a prophetic voice to the nations, changed my life. It was an interesting meeting as I had known her on several levels: from the platform, mutual friends and ending up in her kitchen prophetically.

I never tried to make the meeting happen. I am sure I could have. I had enough contacts to do it and our family was pretty connected at the International House of Prayer and we know Mike . It would have been as simple as a few phone calls to make it work. I didn’t do that as I wasn’t really interested in making a meeting happen.

Jill is one of those prophetic people that are well, different. She is radical and far more spiritual than she will ever let you know and she saw much more in the natural and supernatural than anyone realized. She was in the middle of the Jesus People movement and was close to Lonnie Frisbee at one time. How amazing is that?

How I ended up in Jill Austin’s kitchen?

It would have been around 2005 or so. I was living back in Kansas City and by divine appointment, I met a Jewish brother that was in Kansas City healing up from some stuff that happened. I would drive around Kansas City with him sometimes and one night he got a call from Jill to come by her house.

I had been in her house before. I didn’t think much about it but one thing led to another and I was having dinner with Jill Austin. I did not know Jill on the “come over and let’s have dinner” level but here I was. I am not much into the celebrity christian thing so it I was not like worshipping the prophetess.

What I did know is this was a repeat of the whole Mike Bickle/Bob Jones/Art Katz event back in 1983 minus the snow in the spring. I was not making a huge thing of it but I was aware of it and I knew the anointing on Jill’s life. I honored it and I knew it was only by divine call that the Holy Spirit put me at her dinner table when I was suppose to be getting ready to lead a prayer set at IHOP.

A few years before that, I met one of God’s Generals, RW Schambach, and have met many other spiritual statesmen. I know one thing when someone who has seen and heard what they have: sit down, shut up, and soak in their knowledge.

I was in no hurry and I was not going to be the FBI and cross examine her. I led Jill lead the discussion and it turned to what I had hoped for: Lonnie Frisbee and the early days of Jesus People. I wanted to know more about him and there is not much eye witness information out there. As she talked about it, all I could hear was her yelling, “Nations. Nations.” from the platform. If you knew Jill, you know what I mean.

Jill Austin releases destiny

As I was eating, I was wondering why I was there. Was it just to hear about Lonnie Frisbee which was very important for me at the time? Was there more to it? After all, my motto for ministry back there was “There must be more!” Why did the Holy Spirit really make me very late for leading a prayer set?

As I was leaving, Jill wanted to lay hands on me. I know one thing: anyone that anointed ask to pray for you; you have all the time in the world. Impartation is real and it really can be transferred. The power of impartation is for you and for today!

As she laid hands on me, I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit come on me and my left arm started to burn. It means nothing to you but feeling in my left side is weak at best. The burning consumed my body to the point that I could hardly pray in tongues. Here was Peter, the 6’3″ 240 pound boxer than never went off his feet and my knees gave out and I was laying on the floor knocked out by the power of God!

I did not see angels, go to heaven or have open visions. I just was knocked out and getting downloads from the Lord about healing ministry. The Holy Spirit showed me things about my grandfather’s healing ministry that I had never heard. Later, my grandmother and other confirmed these.

Everything changed that night

Shortly after that, Jill would go through a wild chain of events. She would move from Kansas City to Los Angeles, be wounded by a pastor, confront the spirits over California, come back to Kansas City, and get sick and pass away on a visit to a city she lived in for many years. The next time I would see Jill was at her memorial service.

I went on a quest to undig some of the stories about my grandfather’s ministry that no one talked about. He just lived for the next miracle, never really caring to talk about the last hundred he saw. He also had to protect his ministerial affiliation. Miracles were troublesome at the district office sometimes. I am eternally grateful for TL Osborn that filled in the blanks for me.

I can’t point to a direct impartation that I got that night but I can say that it started me on a path to dig alot of stories and testimonies out that I would not have known otherwise. In that quest, I got many touches from the Lord through impartation that I do not think I would have ever got without that night eating dinner at the home of Jill Austin.

On a side note, Jill believed that she would get married in 2009. Well she did. She met her Bridegroom, the Bridegroom Jesus Christ in 2009. I still miss hearing her yell “Nations. Nations. Do you burn for nations?”

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