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Jezebel Spirit: Why many churches have it wrong!

This whole Jezebel fixation that we have in our ministries is really misplaced. Someone struggling in sin does not make them a “Jezebel” It also makes the people throwing the label out there look more like an “gossiper and slanderer.” There is nothing healthy that can come from it. 

To be honest, I have never really been much of a fan of the whole thing. I have seen more people hurt by it than actually helped.

After reading John Paul Jackson’s book, Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit; everyone was convicted that they were Jezebel incarnate. (This is not to mention how many ministries are build completely on “exposing Jezebels.”)

It is plain silly that we assume that just because someone is living in sin, have issues, and immature; they have a demonic spirit of some lady in the Old Testament. Very few cases of people actually being controlled by a demon happen in the volumes of assumptions made.

I have never seen someone who is under the “spirit of Jezebel” have a true love for Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit or the prophetic ministry. They would be there to try and shut down the operation of the Spirit, not encourage it and embrace it. Simply put, if you want more of the Holy Spirit in your life, it is NOT Jezebel at work!

Jezebel is a political spirit

I have in my possession of the 14 Characteristics of a Jezebel Spirit letter that John Paul Jackson send to pastors. If you consider it to be the test, about every believer including the pastors receiving it was be full blown Jezebel.

It starts out saying that is threatens the prophetic ministry. In many cases, the people I have seen accused of being under the spirit LOVE the prophetic and are just really wounded or immature prophets.

He goes on to say that these people try and get close to pastors in hopes of slowly taking over the church. It goes on to say “subdue the pastor.” I am not sure why anyone would even want to do this. In my experience, pastors are the ones doing the subduing, not receiving it.

As it continues, he talks about the people who use manipulative means to get control of affairs. This is another thing I see out of pastors more than anyone in the church. The goal of manipulation is control the masses. Someone in the back row that no one respects can not do this.

One thing that JPJ did have right is that there will be impure motives to purposefully hurt others. If someone has the right heart and motive is not to cause harm; they are not a modern day Jezebel!

At the end of the day, the spirit is a political spirit that want to control bodies of people. It is about getting power over groups of people. It is never power over one or two people. If it is not focuses on control en masse; it is NOT Jezebel at work.

Jezebel of Thyatira?

Someone might ask about the passage to the letter Jesus gave to the believers in Thyatira. What do we know about it and was it a person or a spirit at work there. It is likely that it could have a woman at work. John was not known to name demonic spirits anywhere else in scripture.

There is a few things to know about this woman. The first thing is the most important: she was a believer than was part of the local assembly. There is nothing in scripture that states she lost her salvation or was there to destroy the move of the Holy Spirit (Jezebel in the Old Testament was!)

Without reading too much into the verses, it was just a local woman that has some serious sin in her life and because of it, others were ending up living in sinful means.

When John wrote this to them, it seems like the Lord was saying more “deal with her” and to quit giving her endless room to repent. The message was a confrontation of her lifestyle.

The other thing we know is she seemed to using the prophetic for personal gain and to build a counter following in the local assembly. It is reasonable to believe that she was a threat to the leadership because of her gifting being misused.

The lesson that we can hear from the letter in Revelation 2 is that we should have accountability and community so that people can’t live in sin forever.

Dangers of Jezebel labeling

In most cases, it is people being mean, rude and completely out of line when they start throwing around “she has a spirit of Jezebel” or he has Jezebel on him.” I have only came face to face with two people that were really under the spirit and both of them were pastors. I have seen hundreds accused of it wrongly.

The pain of being labeled as one can carry wounds for years to come and through gossip or other means, they can fight the label of being told they are fighting the Holy Spirit’s move. Throwing around the label is very damaging to people emotionally and spiritually.

It is something that we need to quit in our churches and not look at someone’s failure, immaturity or personal sins as grounds to label them as a God hater and a false prophet. Many people struggle with all of these that really love God, the prophetic and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If anything, I think many local assemblies need to backtrack some of the labeling that has been done and seem to apologize to people they wounded. We are called to heal broken hearts, not purposefully shatter them in the name of “spiritual warfare.”

People that love the move of the Spirit that make the leaders look less hungry should not be the victims of the uncomfortable pastoral staff. That is exactly what happens in many assemblies across America.

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