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The HARSH truth about Jezebel fixation in the Charismatic Church

If you are in the Charismatic movement for very long, you will hear about this obsession people have with Jezebel. There are whole ministries build around the idea of “exposing Jezebel.” They can be very hurtful and in most cases, they do not bring us any closer to revival. In my experience, true Jezebel are against the move of the Spirit, not crying out for it. If you are hungry for revival but broken inside, you are NOT a Jezebel.

I have encounter people that are possessed with Jezebel. I mean to the point they have lost control of their own actions. They exist to stop revival in churches and drive people away from spirituality. They want religion and with them at the head of everything goes on. In short, every single encounter I have had with people that are possessed by Jezebel, they have always been senior pastors. Jezebel needs leadership to operate. The guy in the corner that no one knows does not have the influence.

The other thing I have noticed is that Jezebel never wants to see revival break out. In fact, they will make sure it does not at all cost. They will end a meeting before they will let the Holy Spirit come in freedom that questions their control. The worse case of Jezebel that I ever saw was a pastor that literally closed the meeting and told me to leave the sanctuary because he had lost control.

Do you want revival and desire freedom? If so, you are not a Jezebel and have no reason to question your faith no matter what some paranoid intercessors tells you!

Jezebel vs PTSD

Recently, I have had a relapse with the cPTSD and been forced to be open about it. However, one of the concerns that I have is deeper than the stigma. It is how the church thinks behavior with people having PTSD could equal to the “role of Jezebel.” If you look at the list of behaviors for both, you see how some intercessor that lack true discernment could mistake PTSD with Jezebel.

However, there is something majorly different that many choose to not see. Those who have been through trauma and have suffer long term damage as a result do not seek to stop the move of the Spirit and they do not want to have the trauma they have have to live with. People who are truly “Jezebel” actually desire to stop others from encounter. The motive of the person changes everything. The problem is most intercessors do not want to discern, they want to accuse so they look like prophets.

If it truly a Jezebel working behind the scenes to cause the move of the Spirit to be stopped; it needs to be dealt with harshly. If it just someone who is broken by past trauma but longs for the things of the Holy Spirit; it requires empathy and compassion.  If not properly discerned on the motive of the person, you will cause even more trauma as a result of misunderstanding their challenge as being “the spirit of Jezebel.”

The call to compassion

Once you realize that Jezebel requires influence and the motive is to stop revival, you can rule out the name calling for people who are just broken from trauma and past events. Jesus never was harsh with the hurting. He only got rough with the religious folks of His day. It is said over and over that Jesus was “moved with compassion.” It is time to heal broken people. That is the message of Jesus to the world. He was clear about His heart for restoration.

I have dealt with people who have been labeled as Jezebel by people who actually did walk in it. Once the people realize that they could not have the spirit they were accused of because they lack influence but loved the Holy Spirit; they came back to life in Christ. The Assembly must be a hospital and not a shooting range. If they can not find healing at the Assembly, where can they find it? The truth is most local assemblies are toxic because they do not desire to discern faithfully.

Many people just came be open to the faithful because when we do, we are labeled with all their extra-biblical things. Telling someone that is vulnerable and hurting that they have this demon and that devil is beyond wrong. It is actually evil.

We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer. (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Healing Jezebel

Is there hope for someone that has a Jezebel spirit? The simple truth is YES! For far too long, we have been so busy about “casting out Jezebel” that we do not have a theology of restoration for them in place. This is to our discredit. Someone that does lead by control, heretic teachings, sexual compromise, manipulation, lack of being transparent, hunger for wealth, misuse prophetic words, and doing everything in their power to stop revival is not an easy person to restore. However, Jesus never told us to go for the low hanging fruit, now did He?

Should they be removed from leadership in the local Assembly? Yes. Should they have a path to restoration? Yes. If they refuse to step down or work through restoration, at that point and only at that point should forcing the issue become an option. It is possible to break the scales off someone’s eyes without destroying a local Assembly and/or causing a church split.

However, the important thing is that there is a heart for restoration and that we long to for the soul of the person. If Jezebel is a spirit (which it is), it is not the person. We must deal with the spirit without mistreating the person that has been under its’ influence. This is simply not happening in the circles of these ministries that dealt the “Jezebel spirit.”




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