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Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook, and offense

I noticed over the last few days that Jeremiah Johnson, a speaker who travels a little bit and tells churches how happy he is they give money was not in my feed. The reason was figured out quickly: for some reason, he blocked me. 

Does it change my day? Not at all. Does it affect the ministry? Not at all. Is it a growing sign of a deeper problem among ministries in America? Yes. Let me explain.

Pastors and Evangelists have a horrible time with people who disagree with them and the answer to everything seems to be just throw away people that take effort to care about. I am not saying this is what happened with Jeremiah because I have no idea why he blocked me. It doesn’t make sense.

Butthurt prophetic people and faithful witness

To the best I can see, he got offended for me correcting his historically wrong statement on Facebook. The following is what he said,

A Third Great Awakening is coming to America and God is coming to break up the fallow ground! (Hosea 10:12)…

To which, I simply replied with the historical facts that state what many realize to be truth,

I have notice you say this a few times. The third great awakening was 1901-1928ish that started in Topeka and later poured at Bonnie Brae.

The “third great awakening that everyone talks about is the Azusa Street Revival and the events that led up to it in Topeka, Houston and ultimately in downtown Los Angeles. This is factual and the only way around this is to revise history and make it say what you want it to say. The Pentecostal Movement was a reformation and a spiritual awakening.

However, the bigger problem here is the rejection of anyone (more on this later) that disagrees with him in the most minor detail. Pastors and prophets are getting offended and cutting out communication with anyone with whom they disagree with. This is not healthy for the people of faith. It is nowhere close to biblical, either.

To block someone for correcting bad church history is a little childish if you ask me!

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson and doctrinal dogma

Prophetic people have a tendency to get into pet peeves and see their view as that of God. Jeremiah is extremely guilty of this. He is not the only one. The only man I ever called a heretic, Jonathan Welton is just as guilty. This is a growing problem in the prophetic movement of “I said so God said it.”

In Jeremiah’s case, it is this obsession with accountability and community. Both are these are good things to believe in but they are not good things to obsess over. I do not have a problem with pastors talking about these issues (as that is what pastors do). However, prophets should be focus on the issues related to preaching repentance and calling the nation to revival.

According to him,

We can never be in control of our own accountability without being soft on our own immaturity and carnality.

This is, again, a pastoral position and I respect it as one but a prophet should be more concern with preaching repentance and preaching a vision for revival than how “soft” we are on immaturity. A pastor is worried about gathering people and loving them. A prophet is more concerned with preaching repent or perish….even if everyone leaves in the process. Pastors build up. Prophets tear down.

If they refuse community and oversight or even become angered by those seeking to find out if they have accountability in their, they are a potential danger to the body of Christ.


While this loaded with bad doctrine, I will just leave it at community has become an idol in the Church. It is the latest fad that we run to. It use to be worship and before that, it was the WWJD bracelets. Now, it is “cool” to preach community. It is the idol of choice for many these days.

On a personal note, I am not that surprised by him blocking me, he is not the first one to do it and won’t be the last. I am sure I will run into him once I am back in the preaching ghetto (conference ministry) in the United States.

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