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Jeff Jansen wants the glory!

Jeff Jansen is one of those guy I ran into at one place or another for years. He was a spiritual son of Bob Jones and believed in the release of the prophetic movement. When I was doing the whole conference circuit, if I was not speaking at a meeting he was also at; I just came to be at the meeting. I would say I saw him a dozen time over three or four years. I haven’t saw him since shortly after the Lakeland Revival.

Recently, I got a message on Facebook asking me what I thought about Jeff Jansen and some of his theological concepts. Jeff is a believer in the restoration movement and has a very strong emphasis on what he calls “the glory.” This is a teaching (that I have mixed views on) that started with the late Ruth Ward-Helfin. I do not question Jeff’s prophetic gifting.

Since the time I use to run into him, he has went on to plant Global Fire Church outside Nashville and I left the United States to preach the gospel with signs and wonders. I am sure he is doing a great work in Tennessee that leads people into intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Jeff Jansen and Bob Jones

One of the amazing things about Jeff is his relationship with Bob Jones. Growing up in Kansas City Fellowship, I remember hearing alot of these odd words from Bob. (I didn’t understand much as a child) Bob was just a weird old man that claimed some pretty wild stuff. Jeff was able to see a very different Bob and as an adult. Most of my memories are second hand memories that people have told me.

Every time I hear Jeff speak, be in Topeka, Nashville or Tulsa, he reminded me of Bob in some many ways. Everything from how he gives a word or the terms he would use. It was like Bob was half his age, had a flat top and deepen his voice.

I believe that Jeff is walking in the mantle of Bob Jones today….without all the goofy things that came with Bob’s personality.

What about the restoration issue?

From what i know, Jeff Jansen does hold to a restoration position of the apostolic ministry, latter rain, etc. I disagree with it to a point. I do not believe that Apostles and Prophets went anywhere. They have always been here, sometimes hidden, but always present. For more on that, Check out Eddie Hyatt’s book, 2000 years of Charismatic Christianity. 

I believe in limited Latter Rain. Clearly, the blog is called Latter Rains. I do not believe that God is going to restore the 1948 revival that broke out in Canada. I believe that the ideals of the latter rains were always present in the Church. They have had times where they were common place but there has always been a vision for revival. That vision has almost been constantly since the 1740’s. Every generation has had their outpouring. Great Awakenings, Cane Ridge, Azusa Street, Latter Rains, Brownsville Revival… the list could go on.

To answer the question, I do not see anything major with Jeff Jansen that should be rejected biblically.

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