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JD King, revival and apathy

JD King is an old friend of mine, leader of the World Revival Network and a fellow blogger about theological stuff. It would be hard to call him a revivalist anymore. He used to be but he has become very weird and from what I can tell from across the world, is pretty apathetic towards revival that does not have World Revival Church all over it.

I have people ask him about him as some knew we was friends at one time. (more on that later) There was a video of him speaking at his church that has caused some people to contact me and that is what I want to focus in on. The fact that he preached community but doesn’t have it is not for today’s article.

Before we get started, I am not a member of the World Revival Network anymore and I have not been in a meeting at World Revival Church. I am not sure what would happen if I did walk in the door. I am sure it would very awkward given many of my friends there have unfriended me and unfollowed me. They don’t want much to do with me. I do not want to talk about revival; I want to have it.

Here is the video in question:

How JD King became apathetic to revival

I remember the first day that I met him on the side of Smithton Community Church during the Smithton Outpouring. He wanted revival in every heart, home and city in America. He was passionate about revival and he lived for it to come to everyone. I loved to talk to him. I actually looked forward to talking to him actually.

When the church moved to Lee’s Summit and become World Revival Church, two things happened. First, the crowd died down and hardly anyone visited anymore. Also, the people who was just “Come, Holy Spirit” boys became professional ministers. Leonard Ravenhill would turn in his grave weeping over it. He believe the world need passionate preachers; not professional ones.

JD King was always the theological one at World Revival Church. The others, namely Tom Trout, was just off his rocker and was quite honestly, boring and little anointing. Steve Gray needs jokes and humor because the power of God wasn’t there after moving from Smithton. JD just hid himself is some theology books and tried his best to learn as much as he can.

About three or four years, he become more interested in Kingdom Now theology that is popularized by NT Wright and on a less degree by Brian Zahnd. I knew I had to get out of Kansas City if I wanted revival. I was not about to exchange a move of the Holy Spirit with some theological ideal or become a theologian. JD King can back off from revival. I refused to do it.

I remember the last discussion he and I had in person. It was at Gate’s BBQ in Westport District. He told me in so many words, “In five years, you will be less about fire and missions and more about community and relationships.” That was about seven to eight years ago. I am happy to report that I still going for revival completely and I am not backing down to have “community.”

World Revival is not the revival of Kansas City

I would move to do a treatment of revival in Kansas City. I really would but this is not the place for that. It starts well before Steve Gray and JD King. It starts as early as the Second Great Awakening and the Nazarene movement that is headquartered in Kansas City to this day. I am sure his friend, Larry Martin could fill him in on the importance of Kansas City in early Pentecostal revival. This is all before Steve Gray was even born.

When I saw this video saying that basically the history of revival in Kansas City is the story of World Revival Church; I should have been picking up my jaw off the floor. However, I wasn’t. I have come to expect this shameless promotional spirit out of the people that claim to be in revival.

In April 2009, they claimed revival hit a second time. My question is when did they admit that they lost revival the first time? You can’t have revival without admitting your need for it. Just something to ponder is all.

Community is not the aim of revival

One thing that I find odd is they have become very focused on community in recent years but no community has lived in revival since the Morivans in the 1700’s. People like A.A. Allen have tried it but failed.

What is mind blogging to me is how many of the people in World Revival Church suck at actually having community. Many of them that I called friends at one point have hardly spoken to me since I left Kansas City. Some of them want nothing to do with me. A few have even attacked me on social media over the years.

If I ran into many of the members of World Revival Church that are still there, I am sure that the discussion we would have be very awkward at best. I am not even sure that sitting down with JD King and Steve Gray would not be awkward anymore.

In the end, revival is not about community; revival is about setting the world ablaze. 

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