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Jackie Pullinger called by tongues

Jackie Pullinger is a missionary to Hong Kong that has become more a legend that people realize. She is just a simple mission minded believer who loves the move of the Holy Spirit.

Recently the guys at IHOPKC got a chance to sit down with her and discuss the early years as a missionary to Hong Kong and how God called her to the mission field. What is very telling is the way that she was called. It was by the move of the Spirit, namely the interpretation of tongues.


She makes it clear that she was called “through a dream, a vision, a message in tongues and then I went to the Vicor…” There is no question if she did believe in the supernatural guidance of the Spirit in her calling to the least of the least in Hong Kong.

This is very common in Pentecostal churches. God will often lead believers by means of dreams, vision and prophecy. As early as Azusa Street, people like A.G. Garr was being called to missions by supernatural means. The last century is full of stories just like Jackie Pullinger.

Biblical basis for Prophetic leadings

The first question would if we can find the issue discussed in the New Testament? Paul talked about having dreams, vision and even a trip to Heaven. Having prophetic experience was not unheard of in the writing of the New Testament. Both Paul and Peter address this at great length.

The second question would be if the experience is model in Acts? We can find several places where Paul was led by supernatural means, for example. We also see where Peter had an open vision in Acts 10. The believers were very engaged with the move of the Spirit throughout the book of Acts.

Are you a modern Jackie Pullinger?

If you are called to the mission field and God has been moving on you to go, answer that call and embrace the Spirit baptized life!

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