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Jaci Velasquez and her Pentecostal faith : What do we know about it?

Jaci Velasquez

I have not been impressed with the crossover of Jaci Velasquez (or any other artist besides P.O.D.) but I recently came to learn something about here that is very interesting: she proclaims to be Pentecostal. 

In an interview with Evangelist Morris Cerullo, she declared the following statement,

…you’re talking to an Assemblies of God’s girl.

How that actually works out doctrinally could be up to debate. Does this mean that she believes in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Praying in tongues? Divine Healing in the atonement? Rapture of the Church. To what degree does she believe these and what doesn’t she believe about them.

One thing that is clear is she has never prayed in tongues in a concert that I have seen or never publically proclaimed healing for the believers. That does not mean she does not have personal conviction on the matters but likely, she is pretty weak on tongues and divine healing.

Jaci Velasquez, Elvis, and Jerry Lee Lewis

Believe it or not, the Assemblies of God have a long history of people who have came up through their ranks but ended up in the world of drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Elvis started in an Assemblies of God church as well.

The same is true with Jerry Lee Lewis (that oddly is the cousin of Jimmy Swaggart). He started in the Assemblies and was rejected just like Elvis was.

The story of Jaci Velasquez is a little different. She was not reject but left on her own because she wanted more money and a bigger platform. If that is greed or not is up for you to determine?

Jaci Velasquez, divorce and ordination

I am not sure where she attends church but she could not ordained into the Assemblies today due to 2005 divorce to Darren Potuck. I am not throwing stones here but just saying with that event in his past, she could not be ordained into the ministries.

Sadly, this is a growing problem within the Christian music industry. It is common to see singers who proclaim the forgiveness of God to be divorced and re-married. It seems there is a culture of broken in the artist guild.

It seems that she is doing good with her second husband and having the official ordination is not the hold grain of Pentecostal faith. I am sure many venues open up to her in and outside the Pentecostal church.


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