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J.D. King: Is there some great divine?

Every few days, I will get an email asking something like what I received today. It was about an author from Kansas City named J.D. King. I know him personally and I am surprised that I continue to get these messages. For whatever reason, J.D. King has chosen to reject me as a brother in Christ. I have not rejected him. 

What some people won’t know is he and I go back all the way to the 1990’s during the Smithton Outpouring and our bible college days. It was a few years later that doctrine differences became more of a value to him than our common desire for Heaven to come down. We both were passionately calling for Holy Ghost revival in the nations at one point. I have remained the course against all odds and still believe only Holy Ghost revival will save America.

It was just one day that he cut me off and wanted nothing to do with me. At first, any attempts were met with excuses of busyness (oddly, he would harp on “community” in those days endlessly) but then, it is was just a brick wall. Every attempt made in the last decade has been a repeated brick wall with no real explanation.

World Revival School of Ministry

J.D. King: lost cause?

I do not believe that he is because it does not matter if you lose hope in the contenting for revival, when the Day of Breakthrough actually happens and Stadium Christianity is upon us; the pay grade will be the same. Many pastors who have been Job’s friends to me will come around and cry out, “Come, Holy Spirit, Come.” I firmly believe that J.D. King will be one of those who will come and cry for Holy Ghost revival when it finally breaks out.

Personally, I think he is just doing the “pastoral thing” because he wants to have the success that the world has we should (and sadly the Charismatic church glorifies) and is obsessed with his father in law‘s ministry. When the fire falls, all of that quest for prosperity and praise of men will be burn up in the fires of revival.

That desire for approval of men has made our friendship completely non-existence and I do not expect it to change in the future. Every attempt has been made to restore our friendship but J.D. has made it clear by his inaction that brokenness is the status quo (and community is just religious speak). The only thing that will change that is when the Day of Breakthrough come and we step into the end time revival.

The reason being is people who have wasted their lives doing pastoral care will be at a position of lack and need. They will have to turn in humility to the revivalists and the intercessors who have contended and lived their lives for Holy Ghost revival all these years. As I said, the good news is the pay grade for the harvesters is the same no matter when they got started.

My door remains open to J.D. King as a brother and a friend but I expect it will be avoided like the 99 times before that I offered open discussion.


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