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Income inequality according to Jesus

Income inequality.

It is a buzzword in American politics right now but what really is and since everyone claims that they have the word of God on the subject what does the gospels actually teach.

This subject like many form a cross in scripture. That is where one major truth appears to be in conflict with another direct truth. This is not true when you look at the deeper meaning of the text and what the lifestyles of the early believers was like.

Before I start, let me say this: Jesus was not a Democrat nor was he a Republican. He was not a racist, a socialist or a communist.

Income inequality is about compassion?

We hear this as the drum that they beat. Jesus did teach but more importantly modeled compassion. It is true that we read that Jesus was “deeply moved with compassion.” He had a deep love for people. He cared about humanity.

I do not believe anyone in this discussion believes that compassion was not a core value of the life of Christ and that it should be a core value of every believer’s life as well. That is fundamental to any Christian’s foundation.

Years ago, TL Osborn said to me, “We preach faith, destroy hope and ignore love.” That is very true of the condition of many churches around the world.

Income inequality and 10 Talents

One of many problems that liberals run into biblically is over Matthew 25. It is the story of three men being given 10,5, and 1 sums of money and told to do something with it.

It ends with those who had increase that double pay and those the one that did nothing in society lost what he did have. It was given to the top earner.

It goes on to say that the guy that would be on welfare was “evil and wicked.” What he was given was given to the wealthiest of the group.  Sound a little like capitalism to you?

So what did Jesus mean for us?

There is a time for compassion and not to kick people when they are down. We are reach out our hand and help them back up. I do not believe anyone that is against helping someone back on their feet. It is only right and biblical.

What is not biblical is ongoing support that enables people to be lazy and not become bearers of increase. We are made to increase. If we are not, we are in danger of being evil and wicked.

Income inequality is solved by increasing your talents (income) by using the skill set that God gave you.

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