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How would Jesus Facebook?

People tend to let the worst side of them come out on Facebook and even on social media. It is common for people to be mean and just down crude online; saying things they would never say to the person’s face.

This is especially true when you do not hold  a preferred position of many. If one disagrees, they must be shamed, humiliated, and just cut to pieces. This is one of the challenges on social media to say the least.

I just happen to come across some of the most hateful, judgmental, and sick things I have ever read about me. I did nothing to these people to my knowledge to bring this on. It was quite vicious though.

In the end, I know one thing: Jesus would use Facebook directly but compassionately . He was not insecure in who He was or what He believed!

Jesus would keep a positive Facebook page!

He came to build up people to be part of another Kingdom, another culture, another reality. He did not go calling others, “@#%hole” then running to a bible study. That was not his style of presentation.

He did talk alot about the Kingdom of God and presenting the message of the Kingdom to people. I am sure his Facebook page would be full of discussion about “On Earth as it is in heaven.” He would run a healing ministry right from Facebook, I am sure.

He would not take much about the local culture that he is in because, well, he is more concern with another culture, the culture of heaven. I am sure he would focus on that, not attacking people who disagreed with the local culture that they lived in.

He didn’t live for the reality of life on this earth. He didn’t concern him. He knew His mission and He knew it would call Him the very life He had. He lived with a new goal and a new vision.

Jesus would not seek to destroy others

There is alot of people, especially other believers, that are out to destroy anyone that disagrees with them. They hide behind a laptop and are keyboard warriors. They are too cowardly to address the issues to your face. That’s too grown up to do.

Jesus would not call people @#|$holes and %^heads then post a meme about loving God. Sadly, his believers will do it without reservation.

It is sad that I just come use to see hateful stuff said about me by other believers and people. I am not surprised when I see it anymore. I am sure Jesus would not join in the hate mongering though.

Have you thought about your Facebook habits?

Are you attacking people and not systems and mentality of the mind? In your aim to deal with demonic shortcomings of a culture or a thinking pattern or are you attacking the very people? It is ok to attack the gay agenda but it is not ok to attack gay people. The same goes to cultural issues as well.

One thing is for sure: Personal attacks is not from the Spirit of God and they are not what Jesus would do.

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