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Why I started my miracle ministry

Many years ago, I was raised in Pentecostal church but the focus was soul winning, praying in tongues and making sure the world knew their sin would lead them to hell. Jesus came to save and baptize us with power from on high. No one in the Assemblies of God would deny the power of God to heal the sick but there sure was not much focus on divine healing in Missouri.

Part of the reason the Pentecostal movement went all Presbyterian on divine healing was because of the Voice of Healing revival. Alot of ministers in the Assemblies were having miracle meetings and other were happy. There was almost a church split over it. In the end, alot of the healing evangelist left. Jack Coe and A.A. Allen were just a few of the names.

Smith Wigglesworth changed my view on miracle ministry

I was sitting at a prayer meeting during the Brownsville Revival in 1997 and a friend handed me a big book called Smith Wigglesworth: Complete Collection. I started reading the messages one by one. It was the same Pentecostal message that I grew with but he didn’t stop at salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He really believe that divine healing was part of the gospel.

In the Assemblies of God, it is commonly believed on paper that that divine healing an an integral part of the gospel and it is the right of every believer. Healing is not secondary to the gospel but is it actually part of it. This was on paper but never in practice in most churches.

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) was always much weaker on the issue on paper but believed basically the same thing. They just didn’t want to tie to the salvation message. However, they did believe that divine healing was for today and for every believer.

However, it was when I started reading the messages of Smith Wigglesworth that I really started pushing the issue. He was the Apostle of Faith and really believed that miracles were not some side issues of Pentecostal ministry.

Not everyone wants miracle ministry!

I started preaching Jesus saves, heals, delivers, and fills everywhere I went. If I couldn’t speak at a church, I would have meeting in a tent in small towns all over Missouri. I was preaching the message that early Pentecostals was preaching (without legalism).

In the end, the District office of the Assemblies of God wanted to meet me. I had came to some level of success. I had the District Superintendent’s ear! He was not as happy about my preaching of miracle ministry as I had hoped, though.

In the end, the meeting was a debate over who believed the Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God and calling each other hypocrites. I will hold my words that day to be truth, “There is no excuse for a Pentecostal praying ‘if it be your will, Lord’ biblically or practically.” You either believe in miracle ministry or you don’t!

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