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House of Hope and Healing is a failure!

I have spoken very openly about Pastor Steve Gray and the man made kingdom known as World Revival Church. One of their pipe dreams was the House of Hope and Healing. I think it came from too many stories of the healing rooms of John G. Lake.

What it was, it was a huge waste of money and it is basically a house that sits on the grounds of the church unused because no one really comes for prayer. Sure, it is a half a million dollar home but it is wasting away. However, it looks good in the portfolio of Steve Gray, I am sure.

I remember when they started to talk about it. They did a huge push for everyone to give and they even asked televangelist Kenneth Copeland to come and do some meetings. They were called “believer meetings” but in reality, it was one huge fundraiser for the House of Hope and Healing.

Oddly, the healing teams that was in the double wide trailer at IHOPKC had more success with people being healed than the team in the beautiful house built at World Revival Church. I find it funny because, after all, Jesus came into the world in the stable outback, not the pretty cathedrals we have made in his name.

Why did the House of Hope and Healing fail?

I could name a dozen reasons but the issue has little to do with the house itself (besides maybe its location). The campus of World Revival Church is not exactly in the most convenient location in Kansas City.

I believe the real issue is within the government of World Revival Church. It is a very top heavy, make Steve Gray look anointed at all times, touch not the anointing, type ministry. The fact that the Smithton Outpouring happened at his church has really gone to his head.

Because of this, the practices of Steve Gray is very much what worked in the 1990’s Charismatic movement. The focus is on Christian television, magazines, and conferences. The problem is that World Revival Church has a very unbiblical view of both missiology and soteriology.

Without a biblical view of missiology, it is very hard to actually reach the community around you with hope or healing. How can the House of Hope and Healing be successful if the people across the street from the church do not even know what that brand new house is for. They probably think that Steve and Kathy Gray live there.

Lastly, the theology of this is completely Old Testament. God does dwells not in buildings. He dwells in people. The ark of the covenant is no longer guarded in the Holy of Holies. Someone has seem to forgot to tell World Revival Church that the veil has been torn and that we live in this amazing time known as the Church age.

This is actually very common among people of Old legalistic Pentecostal roots that many in the leadership of the ministry there have.

God dwells in people, not buildings

I know this sounds pretty elementary but sometimes, people around World Revival Church forget that it is the elementary teachings that lead men into truth. They try and find “deeper meaning” when they completely miss the foundation. The truth of the matters is that we do not need the House of Hope and Healing. The Holy Spirit now lives in us, on us and through us.

Biblical revival is when the power of God is falling in Wal-Mart, not at the church. It all the “revival” we have is better and more meetings, maybe we need to dig a little deeper and get real revival. During the Hebrides revival, people were just as touched in the pubs as they was in the church meeting.

If the Holy Spirit is not using the people in revival, it is not really revival. Simple as that.

In the Upper Room, everyone that was there was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was not just the apostles. As John Wimber would put it, “Everyone gets to play.” There is no need to invite people to church, you just need them to the foot of the Cross. After all, where two or three are gathered, that is officially Church!

This takes a complete shift in missiology away from the “Anointed man of God” that causes so much problems over the 1990’s to believing that all believers who are baptized with the Holy Spirit can cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead.

World Revival Church need the hope and healing.

I have watched them from within and now from without and I can say as the years goes by, the deception grows as well as the heretic denials of fundamental truth of the Church. Missiology is non-existent. Soteriology is not much better. Eschatology is weird at best. Who knows what their Pneumatology is this week.

What they need is a return to sound, biblical theology that is based on the truths of the New Testament laid out by Paul. The elementary teachings of repentance, faith, holy living, impartation, resurrection power and the soon coming catching away of the saints. This is Christianity 101.

Exporting the latest bizaree “revelation” when the foundation is not secure will only lead to more pastors that look up to Steve Gray teaching off the wall idea in hope that they can have their own man made “kingdom” as well.

One thing that can be taken from this is proof that going to bible school and seminary does not make you sound. Many of the leaders at World Revival Church are graduates of Central Bible College and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. They was trained up in the scriptures with sound doctrine. In short, they know better.

While I am sure there are people in Springfield just shaking their heads at the outlandish teaching of World Revival Church, one leader actually wrote a letter to all the Assemblies of God in Kansas City with biblical concerns.

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