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Hope Faith Ministries : An Insider’s view to the waste and corruption

Hope Faith Ministries is a ministry that claims that help homeless people in Kansas City, Missouri and those at risk. As someone who has a heart for the poor of America and the homeless of the nation, I became heavily involved. As a result, I got a front row seat to the waste, corruption and idolatry. (1 Cor. 6:9-10)

I came to be part of the ministry by request because of the ongoing technical problems they were having. I had a desire to reach the homeless community with the gospel of Jesus Christ and needed a change in some details in my own living situation so it worked out for everyone.

As a result, I sucked into a caste system much like what I saw in India within Hope Faith Ministries. There is a hierarchy of internships. Each caste has a completely different social structure within the organization. This is important to understand in order to know what they are trying to hide from the public and from their donors concerning their work with the homeless.

The truth is very little actual help is given to help the homeless change their lives. Majority of what Hope Faith Ministries does is aimed to keep them homeless so they can the donation machine running every month.

Credit: Facebook of Hope Faith Ministries

Who is who at Hope Faith Ministries?

It is good for people to understand who is doing what and what they are about from the inside, right?

Sandy Ratterman is the executive director and from all I can tell she thinks she is running a business and all she cares about is financial controls. She cares far more about profits than people. That much was very clear to me very quickly. It is only for photo ops that she comes down to the homeless and she is all about getting the money from the donors. Ecclesiastes 5:10 comes to mind when I think of Sandy Ratterman.

Katie Eck is under Sandy and she is one interesting woman. I do not believe she is bi-polar but I have seem a very different side of her than the smiling front she wants people to know. She is a former leader at a Methodist church that does not even affirm that homosexuality is a sin. (I am sure John Wesley would disagree) She does not have a concern for people or ministry. That much is known.

Cristi Smith is the Operation Director and I have mixed feelings about her. I firmly believe she loves the Lord and loves the homeless but she seems to fear the culture and the system of Hope Faith Ministries. She won’t stand up against the corruption and waste that goes on at the hands of Sandy Ratterman and Teianna Cooper.

Teianna Cooper is the face of corruption. She has zero interest in ministry and has told me to my face (in the presence of Jesse Lucero) that Hope Faith Ministries was not even a Christian ministry. This is in light of the official mission statement saying otherwise. Revelation 2:20 was a verse that always came to my mind when dealing with her.

Alfredo Palacol was an odd relationship for me. He is a Filipino guy and he was always hard to talk with. We never really built anything more than a few discussions here and there. I think he is a great guy but I am not sure how spiritual he is or what he does as far as ministry.

James McKinney is the security guy and he can be interesting. He has a solid desire to serve the people and he is one of the few people in the ministry that understand that people matters more than programs. In all honesty, I have no idea why he even stays at the place. He could be making a lot of more money somewhere and have a team that gives a damn about him.

Jesse Lucero is the one that I worked the closest with and the one that is the actual is not there for the paycheck. He sees it as ministry (even if he is a Calvinist!) and he truly cares about the homeless that walk through the door. Jesse and I were the ones that worked hands on with them at what is called Client Services caring for people’s acute issues.

My Experience in the Internship

As they do not have a urban missionary track (it does need to be developed), I was put into what they called the Transitional Internship Program that is led by Teianna Cooper. Let’s be clear from the start: she has no business whatsoever being involved in a ministry and especially an internship that forming young people’s lives. 

I say this for three reasons and this is important for people considering to support Hope Faith Ministries to understand. It is also important for people consider coming to their internship to know what is really happening on the inside.

  1. She worships her education in psychology more than what faith she seems to have. I did notice she has a few books by Jentzen Franklin in her office but I do not think they have had any impact on her life. Majority of the classes that she led was about theories I remember from psychology class in undergrad. Nothing about the cross, the blood, the anointing or repentance in any of her discussions.
  2. Teianna Cooper is a textbook narcissist. In all my years of being in and around ministry and travels, I do not think I have see someone in a ministry with such a state of grandiose sense of self-importance. She has no problem exploit others for her gain or to control them for her benefit. When she can’t do so, she is known to lose it. At one point, I was called an asshole for not bowing to her wishes that I could not ethically do.
  3. The classes that are required have nothing to do with ministry and they are just classic nepotism. Most of the teachers are personal friends of Teianna that comes to push their political propaganda using covert pyschology. In dozens of classes that I dozens, I only remember ONCE that the bible was even open. 


One of these people who comes and teaches their black propaganda similar to what we used in the Garcia campaign in 1957 is Ryan S. Harvey. This guy is a piece of work and believes in about everything but the finished work of Jesus Christ. He actually insults our President, our veterans, our officers and people of prayer. The last time I was in a session with him he was very openly mocking people who believe in the power of prayer….while at a Christian ministry. In the same session, he talked about “fasting from sex.” If he is not married, you don’t fast from sex as we are called to live holy lives. Ryan Harvey degrades Christianity and praises Islam, Buddhism, and Yoga.

Another group of her personal friends came in to push their black propaganda (this time literally) under the guise of poetry for personal power. Their understanding of spiritual things and even mental health would be laughable if what is in balance was not so serious. Some of the advice they give could cause a large scale mental health crisis. They also were deceptive on multiple occasions with people in the class. However, the major problem with them is, like Teianna Cooper, they are part of the neo-Black Panther movement known as Black Lives Matter. The Department of Homeland Security views them as a threat to national security and a domestic interest. 

How things ended at Hope Faith Ministries?

I was just doing what I do every day. I was helping meeting the needs of the guys that comes in and touch their lives with the tangible things to meet their spiritual concerns. Just another day of helping the men get showers, get their mail and pick up their meds. I also was taking donations that could come in since the guy from the warehouse that has a drug problem was not there. I took it and went on with my day.

A few minutes later, James McKinney walked up to me telling me that Katie Eck wanted to talk to me and I would know why. He said they want to talk to me about leaving the program and moving out of the housing. I told him that he was joking and went on doing what I did to help people with what they needed practically. Firing me just did not make sense at all.

About fifteen minutes later, Katie Eck personally came back to find me and pulled me into James office and ripped into me and told me in no uncertain terms that I was no longer part of Hope Faith Ministries because I would not release to them some personal records that they are not entitled to. She had zero concern for me as a person or my spiritual wellbeing. She was a mission that I now believe was ordered by Sandy Ratterman.

I was given 24 hours to form a operational plan to move on from Hope Faith Ministries. 24 hours and counting. 24 hours to get housing. 24 hours to figure out finances. 24 hours to process the emotions of being betrayed and disappointed.

There was nothing Christian about what she did in James office. There was nothing emphatic about what she did either. It was a complete lack of humanity to be quite honest. It left me realizing a harsh reality: I have no value and no worth to Hope Faith Ministries and I was just there to be used and abused.

Should you donate to Hope Faith Ministries?

At this point and from what I have seen, I would say that any donation that you do will be wasted. I am waiting for the latest financial reports from the IRS for the last quarter to see if their are any irregularities compared to what I saw in daily operations. I plan to use the Freedom of Information Act freely to get as much information about their financials as possible and as Federal law allows.

The amount of money they claim they need to operate and what little they actually do for the homeless in reality is not matching up. I am sure that once I get the historical data that they are required to file to the IRS will show some very interesting things. It will take some time to get this information but I am plan to post it on Azusa Report. I will also be posting their articles on incorporation as well.

The homeless deserve better than being harassed by a classic narcissist when they want to change their lives and get off the streets. They need the hope of Jesus and the culture of proverbs, not covert psychology and sociology.

My basic message to Hope Faith Ministries is get back to the gospel. A bowl of rice is no substitute for the Holy Spirit. If the ministry is not proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ to the homeless, the best things is to do is just shut the doors and call it quits.

Psychology won’t save anyone. Sociology won’t save anyone. Humanism won’t save anyone. Philosophy won’t save anyone. Yoga won’t save save anyone. Only Jesus Christ and Him Crucified will save anyone.

I am fully aware that this will go widely and I almost did not share my experience because Azusa Report is not about me. It is about revival and Pentecostal news. However, I think it is something that is a prophetic signpost for Hope Faith Ministries, for ministries to the homeless, and to the community of faith at large.

I am strongly discouraging anyone to give of finances, gifts of kinds or time to Hope Faith Ministries or any other ministry to the homeless until these major sinful ways are corrected and the homeless are the reason they exist, not the cause. The homeless are not the product and the donors are not the customers. Sadly, some people over on Virginia has long forgot that!

Note: I will update this later to include information about the flood that happened at the building in April and the begging on local television that happening just after. The money did not seem to make it where it seemed to be meant to go….

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