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Grace Brumley (Larsons) is emerging in worship!

I have been seeing a lot of worship videos of Grace Larsons that is now Grace Brumley. She is a worship leader based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that leads worship for Pastor Jimmy Swaggart.

What I like about the worship is not just the fact that she does have an amazing voice but she also has a great heart for the presence of God. Personally, I am sick of worship services being a show for people with stage presence. Sorry, Darlane wannabes.

Here is a clip from Youtube where Grace Brumley is singing Let it rain by Michael W. Smith. It is worth the visit.

The Jimmy Swaggart connection

I do not know if she was raised in the church in Baton Rouge or moved there but she is a worship leader at his church today. Realizing that many Pentecostals have views on what happened in the late 1980’s; I have something to say.

I was seven years old when that happened. It was really that long ago. Could it have been handled better? Yes. However, it is under the blood and the water is under the bridge.

Personally, I am blessed by the preaching of Jimmy Swaggart more times than many would believe. Few Pentecostals will preach the Cross and the Blood like he will anymore. I am convicted to preach the bloody Savior on the old rugged cross more when listening to Rev. Swaggart.

Grace Brumley keeps it real

There is a song  called This is the Promise. It is a message from the Lord that is lacking in the Pentecostal churches today. It is about the call to overcome to overcome in spite of the stuff that life throw at us. In order to be overcomers, we have to have something to over come. Suffering is part of the gospel.

That is not popular today to hear but it is something that we need to hear to be truly ready for the coming revival. With the miracles, there will be great suffering as well. You can’t have one without the other. Read the Book of Acts; both are there.

While Grace is a different vein than Misty Edwards and Rick Pino, I really enjoy her ministry of worship. You never know, there might be a time that we see her in one of our camp meetings around America.

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