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Gossip among Pentecostals? : How bad is it really?

Gossip. It is said to be the cancer of the faithful but just how bad is it? Pentecostals can be some of the worse offenders for it as well. The biggest gossippers in our movement seem to be pastors to be honest. Of course, they do it in the name of “protecting the sheep.”

I had a recent experience on social media that I had considered throwing down the names involved about attacking me. I have in the past name names because Paul did it in several cases. An example of this would be where he said that Alexander was a pain to him in 2 Timothy 4:14. However, in this article, I will not blast people who have committed sins.

The thing that concerns me is that those who talk about community and fellowship the most are normally the ones that struggle to have it the most. They want to about the need for relationship on the horizontal but they do not seek to actually have anything that actually requires accountability. The answer to any disagreement is excommunication which is only superficial relationship. Anyone that will discard you the first sign of discourse is not interested in anytime real when it come to relational ministry.

What you are left is a bunch of people who are afraid to be transparent because they will be talked about and discarded when the people are done with them. People feel that they can’t open up to people who will trash them for no reason and then slander them for the smallest disagreement.

Jude vs Gossipping pastors

There is many passages we can look at about the issue but I want to take a look at what Jude said about these type of leaders. He was a hellfire and brimstone type of writer and that is what we need more of in our churches today. The greatest need we have in most Pentecostal churches is leaders who will give the spiritual medicence to the sick.

I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people. For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord. (Jude 3-4)

The problem that we have currently is that many pastors are getting churches that gossip, slander, and attack other ministries for preaching heaven is real and hell is hot. They have long forgot that the reality of eternal damnation and most of them have not even preached a message on hell in this century.

Any pastor who think that gossip about every person who ministers different than them is “protecting the sheep” is deceived. While many of them are operating from a wounded spirit and a failure to address their own insecurities; they do not have a right to reject a brother who has a different calling just for the the sake of a different emphasis.

Testimony of Slanderers

I was part of a forum where we was suppose to be Pentecostals. However, it became very quickly clear that most of the members were what we call PINO or Pentecostal in name only. Any discussion about Holy Ghost revival made them very uncomfortable (conviction?). I would say that well over 95% of everything I write, preach, pray and sing is can be summed up in these three words: Holy Ghost revival.

As people got more and more uneasy hearing about the critical need for the Pentecostal church to rend their hearts so God will rend the heavens; there formed a mob against me attacking me at every side for contending for the faith and standing up for the desperately needed Holy Ghost revival.

One of the commenters, a man claiming to be a pastor and student of John Maxwell stated ” You’re delusional.” If praying, preaching and crying out for revival in this generation makes one delusional; I guess sign me up. I am not going to back down from believing in the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for everyone, that praying in tongue is the initial physical evidence, that divine healing is integral to the gospel and there is coming the greatest harvest known to mankind. If that stuff makes me delusional to a backslidden pastor; so be it!

The thing that is really odd about this is the people making these claims against me and slander made NO attempt to build a relationship or develop community with me. Last I checked that stuff is pretty important when trying to establish any form of “pastoral care.” Maybe that changed since I was in bible college. 😉

Overcoming the Gossip

Believe it or not, contending for revival does not mean that we are not human. Revivalists, prophets and intercessors all have feelings too. We have a mind, will and emotions just like everyone else. We still feel the stabs, the pokes, the hurtful words and the slander. On a human level, it pains us that many do not care about having Holy Ghost revival anymore.

Being told that I am “delusional” because I am contending for Stadium Christianity like I have for over twenty years now does hurt but it does not stop me from waking up this morning on my knees crying out as William Seymour did, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.” I am encouraged every morning I am one day closer to the end time revival than I was the day before.

I understand that revival is not something a lot of people like to hear about. They do not like knowing that they are lukewarm and in fear of going to hell while singing in the Pentecostal church in the choir. I get that. I have lost many friends over the past twenty years because I refused to back down on the issue of Holy Ghost revival.

One of them was my best friend. We got touched in revival together. We went to bible college together. He got married, I stayed single. He became a pastor and I remained a revivalist. Today, he won’t even speak to me because I won’t back down on revival. If I were to be in the same room with him today, it would be a long awkward encounter because we want success and I still am committed to revival as I was when we was 16 years old.

Why pastors annoy me

I get annoyed at them. I will openly admit that. I have no problem saying that at all. What bother me is WHY they are annoying. It is because they show no real concern for anyone who is not a pastor or a tither to their church. They are very quick to throw away slanderous things like the pastor did yesterday calling me delusional without having any real relationship with me in any way.

If a pastor was seriously concerned about something I believe or that I am in some type of sin, correction comes out of relationship. Without that established relationship; correction will never happen. I also believe that starting a discussion with names like jerk and similar slang is probably not the best way to build a relationship.

The biggest critics of the website is pastors. It always has been. There is the oddballs that just attack just for the sake of attacking me. I do not care about people that just belittle for the sake of belittling. Most of them are children of the devil going straight to hell anyways. However, pastors who claim to love God and love people yet they belittle Azusa Report all the time. Those are the ones I just don’t understand.

For the life of me, I just do not understand why pastors do not want Holy Ghost revival and are so quick to condemn anyone that does. I would think that pastors would the first ones to get to a place where the rumors of revival are starting to make their rounds. However, I remember all the pastors who condemn the Brownsville Revival for no reason whatsoever.

This is the third article of over 500 that is pastoral in nature. I hate having to do this “relational ministry” type articles. I am a revivalist, not a pastor. However, something needs to be done and something to be said about pastors who are better social workers than miracle workers.

I wish that pastors would practice what they preached about relationships. They sure don’t form any community with me before they start blasting me preaching the need for Holy Ghost revival. Heartless attacks on people is not how Pentecostal operate. We are not like the heathens.

They will continue to reject any real accountability for their attacks against myself and Azusa Report. I do not expect them to pick up the phone and call me asking “tell me about why you believe….” I also really do not expect they will try and befriend me before they launch into their attacks on me, my character and my ministry.

Until then, they will call me delusional and I will cry out for Holy Ghost revival. Nothing changes.


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