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Why is God silent about elections?

Over a dozen friends, many of them pastors, asked me throughout the last year what the Lord was saying about the elections and namely who will be the next President of the United States? Would the Trump of Revelation be blown? People were talking like that, believe it or not. I believe that God is silent on election matters!

Don’t get me wrong. There are alot of prophetic voices that will give you a word about the candidates. I do not trust any of these words. I have heard Lou Engle say that Sam Brownback would be President in 2008 (then it was Mike Huckabee). Prophetic people repeated this in 2012 with Newt Gingrich and later Rick Santorum. All of these were dead wrong.

On a sidenote, Lou Engle should repent and apologize for saying “The Lord said” when He clearly did NOT say. I love Lou, The Call and Bound 4 Life but Lou clearly missed God’s voice on the election.

Why I believe that God is silent about elections?

God has created man in His image. In doing that, He has given us a free will, a mind, and emotions. We are a created being. As we grow in Him, we should grow in our desires to love what He loves and detest what He detest.

What does that have to do with elections. If it was just about waiting for the right “prophetic word” to come from our favorite ministry; there would be no need for a free mind or a free will. It would just being a waiting game and watching your preferred prophetic bulletin.

This is not how the Kingdom of God operates. He wants people who can be a voice and not an echo. He want people who blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm on God’s holy hill. (Joel 2) It is not because they are repeating Lou Engle or Benny Hinn. It is because they have confidence in intimacy as a modern Mary of Bethany.

He might speak to you about training your hands for war and your fingers for battle. (Psalms 144:1) That could form a position concerning national defense. As you press in for more insight, He might take on a journey through I and II Samuel about the armies of Israel.

After that, God might lead you to passages about His heart for humanity before we were even in the womb. (Jeremiah 1:5) As you gain more clarity; it might be that the Lord is telling that abortion in the land is a major issue to be concerned about in this election cycle.

Next, the Lord might have you camped out in the parable of the ten talents (Matthew 25) and the understanding of biblical prosperity and increase. As you pray it through; you might come to the place that you believe that dealing with socialistic welfare mentality is something the Lord is highlighting to you.

The point is that your convictions in any election from the spending time at the feet of Jesus like Mary did and in the place of prayer before God like Anna. We don’t live in the Old Testament where we just go “Isaiah came and said God told him.” No need to pray, the prophet said that we are do A,B, and C. The veil has been ripped. 

How do we respond to election words from prophets?

There is two things to remember about them. They are first of all as emotionally charged as the rest of the nation. A prophet does not get the benefit of not allowing his own mind, will, and emotion to interfere with what he (or she) believe God might have said. That is something that is very important to remember but this is how we ended up with real soulish (not false) prophetic words like the ones I mentioned from Lou Engle.

The other thing to remember is these voices might have heard from God in the process of being a Mary of Bethany but not everything they hear is for public proclamation. God might be dealing with them about the issue of personal protection as a value. That does mean that they should (or even can biblically) stand up and say “Thus saith the Lord.” It was their journey, not the message of the prophet!

The important thing to know is that God is not going to send you a knight in shining armor in the form of a prophet to tell you how to vote. He is not going to excuse you from a season of divine interaction with His heart so you can blindly take some ministry leader word for it. It is not biblical nor is it spiritual.

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