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Floyd McClung is a missional hero!

When I was on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, I use to still attend Metro Christian Fellowship when it was pastored by Floyd McClung. He was a great leader that put the emphasis on emotional healing and living in community. I was not much into community then (still am not) but Floyd was what Metro needed after 20 years of non-stop praying and prophetic meetings.

Now, I knew of Floyd before that. He was a Church of God plant into YWAM for alot of years. He was one of the main guys in the movement beside Loren Cunningham. I have read a few of his books over the years. He is probably best know for his book, The Father Heart of God. (A great book, btw)

He would pastor the church for a few years and ultimately lead them to be more about community and less about conferences. He was a father to the people and made the church more missional than it ever had been before.

He also led the church through a very hard time. On one side, they were moving to a new location after losing alot of members and on the other side, the founding pastor, Mike Bickle, started a church called Forerunner Christian Fellowship. This also caused a church split!

One of Floyd McClung’s book is what challenged me!

I remember Floyd one day at Metro handing me a book he had wrote during his YWAM days and told me I should check it out. It was called Seeing the city through the eyes of God. It was an older book. I am sure it was written in the late 1980’s or so.

He laid down a foundation for urban missions and the church operating in the context of the city. He also put alot of emphasis on the reality that many people are leaving rural communities and moving to urban centers. Having lived in Manila, I knew this was true. The city had doubled in a decade (1990’s). The book really challenged me to rethink what I was doing to put it lightly.

I would guess that I read that book back in 2001 or so. It really impacted me and help me seeing living in a large city much different. It was a mission field in and of itself. Reaching the world was possible without traveling far. You could reach Nigerians, English, Koreans and Mexicans in Manila on any given day. It provided an opportunity that most did not see. I did not see it myself!

I have not looked at that book in many years but one thing I remember from it was that the Bible started in a garden and ended in a city. People are moving from the gardens of the world to the city of the earth. Considering all the books I have read in the last ten years, the fact that I still remember that is pretty impacting.

I highly recommending getting that book if you can. It is like a penny used on Amazon!

Floyd McClung is a story of inspiration

He has lived in Afghanistan, Netherlands, Colorado, Kansas City and now South Africa. He has seen the expression of faith is about every type of cultural understand there is. He has seen in a Pre-terrorism hard line Muslim nation and he has seen it expressed in the middle of the prophetic movement. The experience he has in God is very well rounded to put it lightly.


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