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Filming God: Judging God Stories

I have had Darren Wilson’s book Filming God on my Amazon Kindle for some time (downloaded it during his free day, thanks Darren) and just had it in line. It was after reading a book about Smith Wigglesworth and reading Daniel Kolenda’s new book. I must say it was in good company.

My journey with Darren is very, very loose. I use to see a girl very shortly (as in weeks) that was a student of his as a professor at Judson University. She gave me an email to him because he was looking for people who knew people in revival for a film he was trying to do. It was his first film, Finger of God.

Outside of being Facebook friends and have a chat here and there about camera gear and camera stuff; I do not have much of a relationship to him. With that said, our mutual friends in real life is growing. We run in the stream of the river of God.

Is Filming God about God Stories?

In his book, he openly says the following,

Do people lie about the spiritual things that happen to them? Of course they do. Could some of these people be lying to me? I would be naive if I said no. But no one ever told me a story because they thought I might put it in a book. Many times the camera wasn’t even rolling. There is little motivation to lie.

While I would not go as far as say people lie about them, even though I do know of cases that they happened and it is sin when it does happen. I think more often, people do not know the different between imaginations and the prophetic. It can lead to some people coming up with some pretty wild ideas about God, the Kingdom and especially revival.

This is especially true when it comes to raising the dead! As a standard, if you claim you have raised the dead, you better get medical verification or people will eat you alive. Hank Hanegraaff lives for things like this.

With that said, people DO have wild experiences with the Holy Spirit. I tend to believe that God could be moving in their dream life and prayer journey more that He is not. The world is full of doubting Thomas wannabee. I might be from the Show Me State but I tend to trust people’s spiritual encounters.

I am glad to see that Filming God is full of faith, not doubt. What we need is people telling us what is possible in the Holy Spirit, not why we shouldn’t expect Him to speak.

How do you discern God Stories?

Well, there is a test that I use. It is really three simple questions and if the answer is yes to each of them; I accept it as from the Holy Spirit.

  1. Is it the heart of the Father?
  2. Is it in accordance with message of Jesus?
  3. Is it in line with the history of the Holy Spirit?

The heart of the Father is one of love for humanity and one of protection from Evil. If someone has a prophetic experience, is the heart of the Father revealed through their experience. If they came to me with a “God is pissed off” message; I discard it right away. God is not mad at humanity. He loves them enough to send His Son to die for their sins. (If you need more information, Check out Floyd McClung’s book on the Fatherhood of God)

The gospel of Jesus, red letters, are the center point of the faith. Any prophetic experience will bring the gospel closer to the hearts of men. I believe in the prophets, Pauline letters and the epistles but I put the words of Christ on a whole new level. If your encounter does not make you burn more for souls and give you a new passion for the lost; Sorry but I question if it is from the Lord of the Harvest.

The Holy Spirit has a long history of speaking. He has been speaking for a long time to alot of people. He doesn’t change. Does your spiritual experience line up with what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to us over the last decade to a century? Runaway prophetic experiences can’t be trusted.

What about the person having the experience?

So you noticed I did not talk at all about the messenger in judging the prophetic encounter? You are right. I do not determine what the Holy Spirit is saying based on who He is speaking it through. Church history is full of screw ups with all types of problems that God used powerfully. Where would be with the Charles Fox Parham, a known cold molester? What about the self-kidnapped Aimee Simple McPherson? Healing ministry would not be where it is today with self-proclaimed Elijah, aka, John Alexander Dowie or the drunk A.A. Allen. The Jesus People movement started using flaming homosexual on a acid trip known as Lonnie Frisbee.

While there is a place and a time to do a “fruit inspection,” I do not believe trashing a prophetic word that gives life and deliverance is the right thing to do. The Bible is full of screw ups that God used. He is even know to have a jackass prophesy.

Randy Clark, a traveling minister, that started the renewal in Toronto, that is led by John and Carol Arnott, said one of the early prophetic words he saw in his Baptist church was from a man known to be a complete hypocrite living a double life. God really does use the foolish to conform the wise, doesn’t He?

Is filming God worth reading?

It is very much worth a read. It will encourage you to go deeper in the Spirit and have more expectation for the Kingdom of God to be tangible in your life.

I am done with doubting people’s experiences and treating prophetic people guilty until proven innocent. I have had enough of that for my lifetime and the next. I just don’t see a need for it anymore.

As we grow in the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know the Lord of the Harvest better, (Eph 1:17) I hope we can move towards “Come, Holy Spirit, do it today,” instead of doubting every prophetic word that we hear.

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