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Prophets, get your family in order!

As we draw closer to the days of Zephaniah and the coming crisis in the land; it will become more important that ever for prophets to have their families in order. About 22 months ago, I talked about this in some terms. Now, I am boldly telling prophets (and evangelists) to get the problems at home fixed. We can not remain broken prophets with broken families.

If the prophets are going to stand in the coming crisis, they will need the support of their families. It is not something you want to carry yourself. This is a breakdown in the family and it will cause make breakage in their prophetic process.

There are many prophets that have lost their children and even their marriage because of the burden they carry. Those who are carnal do not understand the things of the Spirit. (1 Corinthians 2:14) As a result, there has been many that have been left broken as a result.

The problem is many prophetic people need that practical side of things. While many within our families are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good; we can be so heavenly minded, we are not much good with earthly matters. Prophets need someone who is practical around them!

Prophets are overseers!

Prophetic people are overseers biblically and we are required by biblical mandate to be faithful to our wives (or husband) and to manage our families well. (1 Timothy 3:1-7)

Being faithful to our spouse is much more than just not having sex with someone else. Many never cheat on their spouse but they are unfaithful to them in other areas. Being faithful is understanding they have a different calling than that of a prophet or evangelist. They must have their own encounters and walk in the spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-19) but they carry a very different calling before the Lord.

Many that carry mantles are faithful with the word of the Lord for people, assemblies and nations but struggle to be faithful to the healing of their own hearts, families and local assembly. If your family is bleeding in the soul with hurt and pain and it remains to to be addressed; that is also not being faithful to your family.

We carry the word of truth and the power of the Spirit to the nation but struggle to conduct ourselves in humility among our own families. More than anyone in the apostolic community, prophets are to be pillars of truth to humanity. This must change quickly!

The days of standing in the stadiums with power and authority under the anointing but going home to people that resent you and are ashamed of you are over. It is not about “exposure.” It is about walking authentic and having people that can see the broken man or woman you are when the anointing is not present.

Prophets need to consider the requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and ask the Lord to form each of them in their heart. It is not easy but it is needed to stand in the coming hour of judgement and revival.

A lesson from Hezekiah

In  2 Kings 20, we read about when a prophet came to the King telling him to get his house in order that he will die. What is interesting is when he did, God added 15 more years to his life. Many prophetic voices have died early because they did not value their families. That support and care brings with it a hedge of protection for the man of God.

As Hezekiah turned to the Lord in repentance and reminded the Lord that he wanted faithfully for his life; he wept bitterly.

As stated, being faithful is more than just not turning to other idols and not cheating. It is about understanding every area of life and like many of us, Hezekiah had not been faithful in his dealings with his families. However, the Lord saw the heart of repentance and turn back from taking the King from the people in death.

I have talked about it, preached about it, and wrote about it for years: your tear of intercession become your oil of intimacy. As the King wept in bitterness from his own sin, he came into a new level of intimacy with God that he did not have before. The same is true for men of God today. Your tears of your brokenness will draw you closer in the Spirit than ever before!

The prophet told the King that the Lord has saw his tears and heard his cries. As a result of them, he would be healed. The healing was from the Lord alone but it came from the tears of repentance and prayer of desperation to be touched. Those who want to walk in the manifestation of power in the coming season must seek to be restored among their own families.

Family is prophetic too!

One of the biggest challenges that many prophetic people have (myself included) as we have seen families as anti-prophetic. Most things about family is the anti-thesis of revival. The affairs of this world is the foundation of family life. I get it. I get it all too well.

The problem that many prophets do not see is that God purposefully has put us with people that annoy us. This is a fact. Family requires us to be grounded and that is not something that we do very well. We want to live from vision to vision and encounter to encounter. However, we are still in this broken world and that means things like ball games and teaching children to hunt.

The second thing we tend to miss is found in Acts 21. Philip was an evangelist that led great moves of God. He started a revival among people that were believed to be unsavable! (Acts 8) However, he had four daughters were prophetess. He manage to lead moves of the Spirit and still mentor his daughters in the prophetic. This example tells us that it is possible!

I am sitting here telling you to do something that I am not in this fight myself. My family is not in order (far from it!) I am telling you what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Let the Spirit wound our heart so it can be healed in this late hour of human history.

The Days of Zephaniah are at the door! 

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