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Facing Jezebel : My story of how damaging slander became.

The story starts in 2000. I was coming back from Brownsville Revival and was involved at different levels with the International House of Prayer. However, I found myself in my hometown just about 50 miles north of Kansas City.

The large church I grew up in was getting a new pastor. The one that had been there for years was a little too seeker sensitive and he was moving to a bigger church in Indiana. The youth group was always where the power of God happened, not the weekend services.

The new pastor that the Elders wanted was coming from Texas. I remember privately telling an elder and the youth pastor that something was off with him. They did not take what I said that serious.

The confrontation between the pastor and the prophetic guy was just in waiting. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. The first message that I heard him give has nothing to do with the move of the Spirit that God was wanting to do.

The next few months he became to de-emphasize anything about the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts. He wanted submission to the leadership to become the core. He forced everyone through Under Cover by John Bevere to get control.

The Confrontation of Jezebel

It started with an email confronting him about the lack of emphasis on the Holy Spirit and some concerns I had that any revival would be quenched. I did it in a very direct but firm way. I believed it was what the Holy Spirit showed me.

That Sunday was went everything came to head. In a pre-service prayer meeting, he showed up. In the middle of it I spoke of someone that had a robe full of holes and that his crown was painted gold but black. I knew at that exact moment that the confrontation was minutes away.

He tried to downplay the word and tell people it was soulish. He would question the prophetic word. In the end, I looked at him right in the eye and said, “That man is you” followed by his name.

It just happened this weekend that the youth pastor that knew me much better was out of town and he came back to complete chaos in the assembly. I stood by what I knew God had said and it created a lot of tendency between the pastors and elders about me.

In the end, the road in that church was going to be very hard after this. I had marked myself with a bulls eye as far as the senior pastor was concerned. I was forced to just want the train wreck unfold.

After the next year, every pastor that was a conservative Pentecostal in doctrine was kicked off staff and one of them was asked to leave the church altogether. He took with him many of the long time members with him.

In the end, the church of over 1,000 people started to quickly lose members to other churches in the city and some just was hurt and left church altogether.

Mike Bickle enters

I was spending more time at the International House of Prayer and less time in town and out of the blue, Mike Bickle felt he was suppose to come and preach at this assembly. I had nothing to do with this in any way. I only found out when a lot of others did.

I knew that Mike would pick up on the spiritual warfare going on in the church and that he would confront it in classic gracious Mike Bickle form. I also knew that I needed to be there for the service.

The message was very direct and it was all about the 10 virgins and that if we lose oil, we are in serious trouble in the days ahead. The pastor had been draining any prophetic voice in the fellowship of intimacy. Mike unknowingly had rebuked the pastor in front of the church. (I have no reason to believe that Bickle knew the problems)

I knew that being around would not be smart and The Call-Kansas City was just a few weeks away. I met with an elder for dinner shortly before leaving for IHOPKC again.

When I was deemed Jezebel

The pastor was getting more and more uncomfortable with my presence. Word was getting to me that he had called me Jezebel in private but never directly. I felt the pain of it but I knew my relationship with Jesus was solid. I also knew the train wreck had already started.

The pastor was getting more and more control. He was removing anyone that was a conservative Pentecostal from leadership and he expected the church to change the constitution to favor him. Sadly, the people couldn’t see the man for what spirit he carried.

I leaved for South Texas and ended up having some serious personal issues (It was sin). This pastor jumped at the opportunity and tell people, “Look, he is the Jezebel.” Shortly after coming back to Missouri, I was told by one of the associate pastors that I was not welcome at the church I grew up in anymore. (The pastor has said to call the police if I came on the property)

It was quite the dramatic event because there was nothing remotely looking like Matthew 18 done. It was that I was a false prophet, Jezebel and in his mind, I was a false convert. The pain was starting to run deep.

It was worse though. He send letters to other Pentecostal and Charismatic churches in the area “warning” them about me. One of them was actually shown me to me later. This is beyond acceptable on any level. Letters were sent to the District Office as well.

Somehow, I was the Jezebel and he was the Elijah even though the walls were coming down on the church and hundreds of people had already left. It was calling evil good and good evil.

(I would be amissed if I said there was no need for real discipline for what happened in Texas with me but none was offered. I was just excommunicated with nothing redemptive given by the church)

What happened in the end?

I was left to heal on my own the best I could with people in the city knowing there was a big issue happening. I was the prophetic guy trying to hear the Lord and was the guy everyone saw in prayer meetings but now, I was a Jezebel?

I left the city for south Kansas City where I could heal from being called a false prophet. I would sit for hours a day in the prayer room and just would stay away from the town altogether. Any trips to see my family was very short.

The church would be forced to sell their large property in a prime location due to financial problems caused by the pastor. He would just leave the city and let everyone else try and fix the damage caused.

In the end, the church took the hundred or so that was left from the 1,000+ that was there went he came and moved to a smaller building. It was a very ugly mess.

I would have my own shortcoming and struggles as I had people assuming I was everything from a Jezebel to a false prophet because of this man’s accusations. He never reached out to me to apologize once.

The pastor would try and build another church in Dallas and he would just pretend that he was never in Missouri. He wants people to forget what he did to the saints of the Lord and the claims against the prophetic people.

How long did it take to heal?

This happened almost 15 years and it was not until recently that I had started to see the passion, the zeal and the release of the prophetic again. That is how deep the pain of dealing with a modern day Jezebel was.

The label of Jezebel had a lot of power over me and I didn’t realize it. It was not in the natural but it seemed that label demonically was following me everywhere.

February 13, 2019; the power of God came on me and I started to finally heal from the things spoken over me many years ago. There was a real curse released over my life by this man.

( On a side note, I did not know that I was in the very city he lives now in December 2018 when I was struggle with depression and even suicide like I had never had before. That is the spiritual power of people who speak death over you. The moment I left that area it would lift.)

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