Ethics of Azusa Report

This page is just a little of everything to do with ethics of Azusa Report. It is just added to as things need to addressed. It is chaos here but you can manage, I believe in you!

Everything presented on this website is the opinion of the writers. While every effort to be balanced in made, it is still my personal position. I will openly admit some things I am not as open as I am with others. For example, I am very confident about tongues being the initial physical evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

This website started several years, after traveling all the world in ministry, as a place to share my thoughts about revival to whoever wanted to “have ears to hear.” It has become quite a lot of ears to say it mildly. The websites averages between 30,000 and 50,000 views a month currently. I am humbled at the influence that I have been given to the people of faith.

Angry Internet People (trolls)

The internet is full of angry people and no matter how positive you try and be, they will be the fault finding police. Who needs the devil when you have trolls doing his dirty work? I welcome legit criticism that has redemptive purpose and seek to make me a sharper theologian and a more pure vessel for revival.

I am a stronger supporter of free expression and for years allowed at almost free for all on social media about my views on theology and life. However, I became dramatically aware of how cruel, mean and just shameful some of them can be after spending some time around angry social justice warriors and the thought police in the Philippines expat community.

I will not approve any comment that is flat out rude, cruel or just mean. 

The purpose of this website is fight for a return for the core values that Pentecostals flipped the world upside down with: Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, divine healing and the great end time harvest. I want to keep that focus and do it as positive as possible. I try not to tear down someone else to build myself up. If I have strong criticism of someone, it is because I truly disagree with their teaching with passion!

Sponsors, partners, affiliates & advertising

Let’s face the facts. Running this website takes a lot of time and increasingly, money. To this point, I have been able to offset this by having Google Adsense on the website and the faithful gifts of friends who believe in the call of God on my life.

I do have relationships with some ministries, publishers, and brands that from time to time, I might review their products. There may or may not be an exchange of money for my review. In all cases, if you buy a book from the link given; Azusa Report will make a small amount of money for the traffic. Amazon is most cases is 4.5% for most books. Every effort will be made to disclose any financial benefit that Azusa Report gets in the process.

If it is not directly connected to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing, world missions or revival; I will not agree to promote them. For example, I would not promote coffee beans of a friend on the website but I could promote coffee made by local Pentecostals in Costa Rica and tell people how they can buy their grounds. One would be related and the other would not.

I will NEVER promote anything on the website that I personally do not believe in 100%. If I tell people about a bible software program and it has John McAuthur commentary on how Pentecostals are the scum of the earth; you will NOT see me promoting it….even if it is 95% a great program.

Responses to people

As I said, I am pretty much running the ministry and this website by myself at this point. That means I have to try and deal with everyone from trolls to the hungry people wanting a real move of the Spirit. This is on top of my personal study time, prayer life, and doing every thing else in life that I have to do.

If someone ask a serious question about something, I will do my best to answer it. I do not mind if it takes getting on Skype to help them. I am willing. I really try to give well researched and historically sounds answers to your tough questions about Pentecostalism. I try at least.

If you do need me to help you with something and it takes all day to do, I do not mind the time lost. I will never ask anything from then but an open heart to the Holy Spirit. Simon the Sorcerer thought he could tie financial gain to the supernatural. Apostle Peter did not have very kind words for him about it, either.


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Last modified: January 14, 2018

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