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How close is the End Time Holy Ghost revival?

Many become frustrated waiting and tarrying for revival? We talk about contending for revival because it is a battle. It is not easy. It is a battle that we must be prepared for the long haul for. The question becomes for some: How close to the end time harvest are we really?

It is really something that I can say “this is the date” for it. However, we will know the seasons. What is happening in the season in light of the biblical prophecies concerning end time events?

Anyone that thinks they do have a date for when the final revival starts or the catching up of the saints is wrong. Period. Jesus made this very clear to us in his final words before going to be with the Father.

The reading of Acts 1:8 is not complete without the context the prior verse. The fact that the verse begins with “but” should lead us to look at what it was about? Jesus said do not worry about the timing of the catching up but be about the harvest.

The Great Commission is to be a witness which in the Greek means to be a martyr. You could read it as, “go and preach until they kill you for it.” Only John the Beloved made it out a natural death but even he faced being boiled in oil.

How far is the harvest away?

The truth is we could see the breakthrough tomorrow. In my opinion, we are a few years away at least but it could happen much sooner. What we do know is that scriptures in some form is close to being in every language in the world. This is critical for the end time harvest.

Another major development is the opening of some nations for missionaries that for decades there was no missionaries. The middle east is at a tipping point and the gospel is making advances unlike seen in this generation. This is also true in Central Asia as well.

I firmly believe the spread of the house of prayer movement is playing a role as well. We do know that Jesus will return for a praying Bride and that out of the place of prayer, great miracles will be done at the hands of the people of faith. There are literally hundreds of houses of prayers around the world today.

When you consider all three of these realities and consider the eschatological timetable for the Holy Ghost end time revival; the answer seems to be we are close to see what we popularly call Stadium Christianity.

There are the issues of the groaning of the earth (earthquakes, hurricanes, etc) and evils of mankind (demonic religions and wars) that will play into the mix but the truth is that even these have a redemptive purpose? Many disasters have been the bedrock for a missional movement in many developing countries.

All things considered, we are much closer to the big revival that we have been contending for then we might even think. While I believe it will still be at least a few years before all the pieces are in place, I firmly they develop quicker than we realize.

Overcoming deception

In the coming days, there will be a false revival before the authentic outpouring. In this false revival, it will be about using marketing and watered-down theology to build large ministry empires. Many will think they are safe with God but they will be deceived by this coming church growth movement. It will look very convincing but it will lack the power of the Spirit.

As this movement moves forward in the coming years (that will overlap with the Holy Ghost revival), it will make Joel Osteen look like he is Jimmy Swaggart. The mixture of Buddhism, New Age and Wicca with covered with a lot of bible verses will lead many astray.

We have already seen the beginning of this with some of the hyper grace teaching going around the circles of believers. It has really missed some people up. In some cases, people do not even believe there is a need for repentance. This doctrinal error is only the beginning of what is coming.
The danger of this is very serious, far reaching and dangerous. It will be in direct constant to Holy Ghost revival. It will be about having good vibes, energy, and living in a “state of peace.” This will be a mockery to the Holy Ghost revival that is coming is about repentance, miracles and being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Victory is ours!

However, in the midst of this slap in the face of church history and sound doctrine, the authentic revival will break out and it will be call the deception into accountability. It will be messy but every revival of history has been quite messy as well. The biggest of them all will be the messiest of them all as well.

Many that have bought into the deception will be ripped back by the massive move of Holy Spirit that will be marked by repentance and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The hallmark of the outpouring will be the glory of God. Thirty seconds in the glory will change a lifetime of bad theology.

God will pour out His Spirit without measure to a people without mixture. The message of the Holy Ghost revival will not be a new revelation but the timeless message of history: Repent or Perish. The same message and tone that John the Baptist proclaimed for the coming of the Messiah will be trumped prior to the catching of the saints.

It will begin in the inner cities of our urban cores but it will spread like wild fire and to the nations. The speed of which the harvest happens will be unbelievably. The advancement that use to take decades will happen in months. Whole villages in Asia and Africa will be saved in a day. Millions will pour into the Kingdom across the world overnight.

This is our destiny. This is our vision. This is Stadium Christianity.

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