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Encountering the Storm of God

Since December 23, there has been an open heaven in my life. God has been dealing with some things that there has been a storm that he is addressing. There has a dramatic increase in dreams, visions, and supernatural activity. The Spirit is raising the “noise level” about the heart of the Father about some things.

As the encounters grew in intensity and volume, I knew something bigger was going on. There was something God was trying to established. I had to be taken up in the Spirit (Revelation 4) to understand what was happening from Heaven’s vantage point.

My prayer has become to be filled with the knowledge of God, which is the intense perception of the Divine, in this hour. I want to see things how God sees things. I want to feel how God feels. I want to walk in the Spirit. This comes from being filled with that intense perception of Who God is and what He wills!

Nothing matters that does not flow from the Throne (Revelation 4-5). All understanding comes from being in your place around the throne among the angels and creatures crying out for for the purposes of the Lord in your life and in the earth.

Remembering Past Altars

 I could never forget all your miracles, my God, I remember all your wonders of old. I ponder all you’ve done, Lord, musing on all your miracles. (Psalms 77:11-12)

God moves in patterns. If there is something prophetic happening, there is a chance there is a pattern in your spiritual history of it. If you look at how God has spoke to you in prayer and through prophetic voices, look for common trends and you will see what is the bigger picture.

There is things that God has been speaking about to me for many years. It is not just revival. There has been a pattern that goes back to 2002 in the house of prayer where random people who give me prophetic words about revival among other things. I understand patterns and I understand that some places have importance in the Spirit as their are past altars. It is critical to remember where God met you.

This last week, I went to the “trailer” where God meet me all that times the early days of the prayer movement. I recalled the patterns of the His words. I remember where God meet me and all the prophetic words that were given to me in that season. Honoring the encounters of yesterday releases the breakthrough of today.

When I take my place around the throne in intercession, I have the confidence that God will do what He said He would do because I have a history of seeing the prophetic words coming to pass when I remember the past altars of yesterday. Musing on God’s musing makes us bold in prayer and expect God to do the impossible again and again.

Open Heavens bring Open Hell!

When the distance between earth and heaven is thin and the presence of God more tangible than theological; you can be sure that the distance between earth and hell will become thin as well. The reality of spiritual warfare will becoming much more real. This is both positive and negative.

It is a reality of the Kingdom that often that hell confirms the prophetic season we are in before we even discern it from the Spirit. The devil loves to give away his position. Hell has opened against me in this hour and I am laughing because I have read the end of the book: hell loses!

The truth is demons do not have that much power. Most of the power they have is because we give it to them in our thinking process. (Repent means to change your mind in order to change your life) If you change the way to think about the enemy, he has no power over you. He is powerless without your fear!

When we are taken up in the Spirit and take our place around the throne, the assignments of demons are not that serious. We see them for what they are. They do not do not stand against the holiness or worthiness of God. They are broken and destroyed in the manifest presence of intercession of saints.

We do not deny what is happening in the natural but we know that something bigger going on and that we are partnering with the Holy Spirit when we pray in the Spirit for the purposes for the Lord to be established.

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Destroying Darkness within

When we cry to be taken up in the Spirit and to take our place, the light of the throne will expose the darkness within our wicked hearts. Our own pain, secret struggles and pet sins will be bought to light in the manifest presence of the Spirit. Issues that we spend years running from will confront us in the reality of the encounter of the Throne. Hell can not stand and you will not be the same either.

When God looks at what you are facing, He sees the prophetic promises as well as the power He gave you to walk free from the struggle that you have dealt with for some many years. It is all or nothing in the Spirit.

As for us, we have all of these great witnesses who encircle us like clouds. So we must let go of every wound that has pierced us and the sin we so easily fall into. (Hebrews 12:1)

In the presence of the Spirit, every wound and every sin that pierces us is released from us by the manifest glory. This is more than a great theological idea. This is a tangible reality. You can really have victory over your wounds and sins in the presence of God as you are taken up in the Spirit. It is possible.

Most believers struggle in seeing prophetic promises because they do not want to see the wounds that are connected to them addressed. If you don’t address your wounds, you will lose your prophetic fulfillment.

Restarts are coming!

On December 31, 2020; I was in a prayer meeting and the Holy Spirit came on me. In the midst of it, I gave a prophetic word about 2021 and beyond,

Restarts are coming. Innocence will be restored white as snow. Expect the impossible.

When I gave that word, we had normal weather normal for New Year’s Eve in Kansas City and the weather was saying we could get a light snow but they were not sure. The next morning, we were in the worst snow storm in Kansas City I have seen since coming back to the United States. God confirmed with a sign in the earth that restarts are coming to believers and innocence will be restored. Expect the impossible. 

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