Why do Christians become Atheists?

I have from time to time read blog post from a blogger named EJ Hill. He is now an ex-Christian that become an atheist.

I like this guy and I understand WHY he left the faith. I do not agree with it but I do understand it. Many are just like him. They are sick of what the American church has become. This is in a sad state to put it lightly.

Are Christians really dropping like flies?

According to his letter, EJ Hill believes that Christians are “dropping like flies.” His reason be believing this is people like the Newsboys and others.

I find that many Christians completely disconnected from the faith they came to have. There seems to have very little in common with the Books of Acts and your local Assembly of God these days.

The reasons for EJ Hill becoming an atheist has more truth in them than we want to admit.

  • Christians do not care about Biblical realities.
  • Christians are ignorant of their own history.
  • Christian have no interest in open discussion. They prefer dogmatic thinking.
  • Christians are extremely gullible.

I had to say it but he is right on all four of these points. We tend to not care about being biblical. How many times have you heard someone pray “if it be the Lord’s will?” We know his will. It is that none would perish.

Ej Hill is right that most Christians don’t have a clue about the history of the Church. Most people don’t even have a clue about their movement’s history. How many people attend an Assembly of God and do not even know what happened in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1914. Even less could tell you why it happened.

Dogma is a serious problem with Christians. They don’t want to have open and honest discussion. They take that “be prepared to give reason for the hope within” right out of the bible. Most believers would fail a Philosophy class. Again, EJ Hill is right.

Are believers gullible? Yes. A quick look at the hyper grace movement that John Crowder and others are leading is proof of that. They are not well grounded in systematic theology. They run to and fro waiting to be eaten alive by new teachings. Again, EJ Hill is right.

Why I believe many leave the faith

I do not think it is any of these reasons that many Christian leave the faith. I believe it is the Christian that push them away.

In my years as a Christian, I have seem more evil and mean-spirited people in the Church than outside of it. Christians tend to be the most hateful group of people I know.

Many people are not walking away from the faith, they are being pushed away from it by fellow Christians.

If I was to write the cruel things that people have said about me here, you would be wondering if this is the same Christianity of the Bible.

In the Old Testament, it was about exclusion. In the New Testament, it is about inclusion. Most Christians don’t get this.

When you push away a person because you don’t agree with them on some point or minor thing; you are rejecting the blood of Christ as the atonement for all sin.

New Testament believers are to gather in, not push away. Few modern believers get this reality.

I disagree with Ej Hill and his decision but I realize the mean spirited believers is doing alot and I do alot of damage to the faith.

Update: Ej Hill has replied to this post. You can see it here. 

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