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Dr. Tim Hill claims revival is about to break out in the Church of God (Cleveland)

Dr. Tim Hill claims in an article on Faith News Network that revival is breaking out in the Church of God. What we have on our hands is a gross misrepresentation of revival and it actually means. Yes, there are some Pentecostals that do not have a clue about what is and is not revival. 

You would think after the great outpourings of the 1990’s, especially the Brownsville Revival, we would be pass calling a few weeks in the same week revival but it seems that people in the Church of God learn slowly. Having a camp meeting is not revival and it is not going to be of ” national magnitude” as Tim Hill claims. This is textbook Pentecostal hype.

How someone can graduate from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee but so glossy misunderstand revival is beyond me. It is almost like he wanted to misused to create hype among old school preachers.

What Tim Hill claim is coming

In the article, he proclaims that crowds of 40,000 will be in revival meetings, hundreds will be called to the ministry, and scores will be baptized in the Holy Spirit. If you are thinking this is out of control and complete marketing nonsense, I agree.

What he is basing this on is the statewide camp meetings that will take place all over the country in the summer. They are not revival and to claim they are in down right silly. They will be a week of people having church and fellowship with people they have not seen for a year but it will not be the next Azusa Street or Brownsville Revival. Camp meeting season will not launch Stadium Christianity.

Revival can not be planned and can not worked up. You can have “revival all next week,” either. This attitude that many, like Tim Hill is putting out there is offensive and without question, outdated. Barney Creek was a revival that shook the nation but a series of meeting called “camp meeting” will not do the same.

What does this matter?

Some could consider this article a prophetic word and it would sit him up to a false prophet. I am not going to go that far because I know the foolishness of Pentecostal to over hype church meetings. However, I could understand where the critics would want to do so and it does read like a prophetic word.

The other reason that this matter is it encourages people to be happy with passionate church meetings once or twice a year but not hunger for true revival that shakes the nation. If young believer put to the camp meeting and say “this is revival,” they will never crave the authentic outpouring of the Holy Spirit like on Father’s Day 1995.

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) needs real revival but it is going to be come out of a minister’s meeting or a youth camp. In fact, the first step for the Church of God to experience revival is admitting that they are in the midst of revival.

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