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Pray for Dr. Doug Clay

Paul (we believe) wrote in Hebrews that we are to pray for our leaders that give us the Word of God and imitate the faith they have.

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:7-8)

One of the most important people in the church today is Dr. Doug Clay. He is the national leader of the Assemblies of God, serves on the World AG Fellowship, and represent Pentecostal values at National Association of Evangelicals and influences about every stream of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity.

If Pentecostalism was to have a pope, it would be the General Overseer of the Assemblies of God. Other movements that believe in the modern move of the Holy Spirit tend to respect and honor what the person in Doug Clay’s position believes God is doing.

He has been a pastor, district leader, national leader and now serves in an apostolic role to make sure the churches, evangelism ministries, and missionaries remain biblical healthy and advancing the gospel to every sphere of society. It is important to remember him in our intercession.

Doug Clay ministering in a local Assembly of God

Impact Doug Clay has on revival

I am a revival guy. I believe that the Assemblies of God needs revival more than ever. The ashes of the fires are Brownsville Revival are cold. We need a fresh baptism of fire for America’s Assemblies of God. Yesterday’s fire is today’s ashes.

The struggle between churches wanting revival and church wanting church growth (where Doug tend to lean) is very real in the Assemblies of God. However, our heritage as a movement and his days at Central Bible College would remind him of the glorious events that happen in a true Pentecostal revival.

Historically, the General Superintendent has been a thorn in the side of any major move of God within the Assemblies of God. As people line up in favor and against of what is happening, leadership becomes concerned about a division among the faithful.

However, I am more convinced that ever the Assemblies of God is one revival from returning to her roots in Pentecost and seeing the glory days of old. We need fresh fire more today than ever.

With that said, I believe that having a national leader than embraces the move of the Holy Spirit instead of a “cautious” attitude that men in his position had before him expressed. (In some cases, they boldly criticized revivals) Pray for Dr. Doug Clay to embrace the move of revival in the Assemblies of God.

It has been a long time since we had a leader who was revival in focus. I would say the last Superintendent that really believed in Holy Ghost revival while in office was Ernest S. Williams. Verdict on Thomas Zimmerman is still out.

Having revival endorsed from the highest level in the movement would welcome the whole cooperate fellowship to a season of revival unlike we have seen in over 70 years.

Dr. Doug Clay praying for the sick in Springfield, MO

Pray that he leads us in Holy Fire

One thing I know about Dr. Clay is he wants to see the Holy Spirit back in our local Assemblies. He made this clear from the minute he was elected. He is on record as saying the following about the movement of the Holy Spirit,

He is the third person of the Trinity. He is God. He is holy. All we have to do is acknowledge and honor him, and he will do what he does best.

He does have a value for the Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Spirit. This is a major step in the right direction for the Assemblies of God. Prior leaders had got too involved in church politics to see the need for the move of the Holy Spirit in the local Assemblies.

The other that impresses me with his leadership is the emphasis that he puts on evangelism and missions. At the same meeting, he said the following,

I don’t want to get pulled off the course by every trend, every well-marketed church campaign. I’m convinced that if we just keep ourselves immersed in the sweet spot of this fellowship — evangelism, church planting, missions, compassionate ministries — that is what has given us this great history and that is what will continue to make us fruitful in the 21st century.

One thing that has really got the Assemblies of God off track was use of marketing campaigns. It has been a major problem and has stopped true revival in our local churches. I am glad to see the national leader taking a stand against marketing as a plan for the future of the Assemblies.

Doug Clay talking about Holy Spirit

Be encouraged, Assemblies of God

In the last 18 months, I have seen things that show the movement could returning to her heritage of revival. I have noticed that at least two things that mark a clear path to our ancient paths.

The first thing I have seen is the language that he is using. He is talking about the need for the Holy Spirit more than any man in his position has in my lifetime. The emphasis on the Holy Spirit and not on polity and bylaws is a major factor that God is and will increase the cry for revival within and from Springfield.

The other thing I am seeing is there is something different in the appointments of District Superintendents and national directors. Many of them are not “company men” but people who have been directly touched by the fire of revival in the past. Remember, the young people touched in the late 1990’s are now becoming officials in our districts.

I am amazed at some of what I am seeing for appointments and it is all projecting that something is changing within the Assemblies of God in the United States. It would seem that we are moving away from professional church life and back to be the passionate Holy Ghost Assemblies that made us the force for the Kingdom.

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