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Do you let humanity move you?

I am sitting here in my office in St. Joe thinking about a quote of Bono from U2, 

the going rate for change is not cheap. Big ideas are expensive.
Everyone talks about change but do we let the pain of humanity touch our hearts? Are we like the pharisee in the biblical text who was too busy “spiritual things” to be moved by the homeless man on the side of the road? The real question is does the hurt and the brokenness of people really affect us or do we just push them away? 
For me, it was when I was walking with a older men around Northtown and as we walked onto Loins Field where I played baseball as a kid; he asked me a question, “You have been all over the world and all by why don’t you come to help change these streets you was raised on?” As he said this, I didn’t know what to say. I have been a champion debater and spoke to large crowds in over 35 nations but I didn’t know what to tell this old man alone at the pitcher’s mound. This guy is one of the sweetest men you will meet. He reminds me of Mickey from Rocky. He doesn’t talk about his faith at all but I believe this man believes in people more than most of the people I know. 
I met with him a few days later and a prophetic trance later and told him that I would return to Northtown again to led a church and a community center to reach these people with the same message I preached in Asia, Africa, and South America. I would tell them they can be changed if they want to be. Would I ever dreamed of pastoring a church and running a community center in Northtown? Heck no! I would rather be planting a church in Manila, Philippines or Atlanta or Los Angeles; not Northtown. 
Am I planting here because of God’s unmovable soveirnigity? No. It didn’t have anything to do with that. It had to do with the broken people I see in Taco Bandito, Speedy’s, and at Dairy Queen. This is not because I am moved by God to do this work. It is because I am moved by the broken hearts of people to do this. Sometimes, we need to forget about being so spiritual and just let the pain of people move us some. While some of my Calvists friends have a problem with this the truth is that God is moved by us. His desire is to see people saved, healed and delivered. You notice the great commission was just go and He left it up to us to decide where we land in that command go? He is moved by our wishes and desires. 
I challenge to let humanity break your heart. Go to the poor in your city and let the pain of their lives break you and show you the hurt they live with. You will be moved!
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