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David Sliker’s and Eschatology obsession!

David Sliker is a cool guy. He really is. I have had many discussions with him before I left the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) community. We are still friends on Facebook (for whatever that is worth relationally). I do follow his “rants” from time to time.

David is known for his love for eschatology. He is also know for his strong views that Latter Rains does not agree. It is radically Post-Trib in his end-time position. The good news is he is still 100% committed to revival so we can agree on that!

In fact, the “manual” to eschatology at IHOPKC is David’s book, End-times Simplified.

Living the Kingdom matters more

Many take issue with him about his timing of the catching away (Post-Trib). I look deeper and have prayer with the man. I know his heart is for the Kingdom of God to be established and for the power of God to break the yoke of the enemy. That matters more to me than if where you place this trumpet and that seal. I also have radical disagree with Mike Bickle on this issue.

Dave wants the Kingdom of God to break forth. He wants no disease known to man to stand in the presence of the anointing of God. He wants power beyond man to a people without mixture!

David Sliker is a Stadium Christianity guy

More important than anything is he wants Stadium Christianity to become the norm in our generation. He has been in the place of prayer for many years, as I have, for the outbreak of signs and wonders. That trumps his view on the rapture in my mind.

I believe that he will be one of the forerunners in the coming awakening. He is quite the preacher and he bring clarity to people very quickly when the anointing in on him. I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

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