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Dana Coverstone, prophetic dreams and revival in America

Like many, my newsfeed has been full of people for (and against) Dana Coverstone, an Assemblies of God pastor that had three prophetic dreams about the times in which we live and what could be around the corner for America.

Let me say from the start that I have only listened to parts of it and I saw Amy Coello, spiritual daughter of John Paul Jackson did an interview with him about it. John Paul Jackson was a leader in dream interpretation for many years before he passed away.

Before we get into what I think about prophetic dreams and what Dana Coverstone has seen, let me say that there is a critical need for discernment when it comes to dreams. I have put out an article about 5 things we need to know about discernment and it is extremely important to apply there in this case.

The other thing I would like to put out before I jump into this would be until last year, I have had only a handful of prophetic dreams. I am more a prophecy type guy but have had a few open visions over the years. Dreams was just not something that happen. Since February 2019, I have about two dozen prophetic dreams. The last one being less than a week ago.

Are prophetic dreams biblical?

Many people, including Pentecostal pastors struggle with prophetic dreams from a theological point of view. This is something I just do not understand. We quote Joel 2:28 but we do not seem to believe that God will really give old men dreams.

I am not sure how pastors do not see the importance of dreams, vision and other prophetic encounters in scripture and in our history. I get the concern about the Mormons but Pentecostals discern prophetic words, dreams and encounters through the scripture as our “infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct.” Starting with Genesis and going to Revelation, we see prophetic dreams and encounters. It was very common.

To the people who say, “We don’t need prophecy, we have the sure Word.” This is dangerous and silly. Nowhere in the words of Jesus, Paul, Peter or John do we read anything that points to when the Apostles die out, miracles do as well. Of the 18 apostles mentioned by name in the New Testament, several of them never met Jesus including but not limited to Luke that wrote the gospel and Acts.

The attitude of some pastors, especially Pentecostal pastors, is out of line if you ask me. In fact, their cry for “wisdom” that really has nothing to do with actual biblical wisdom. Paul prayed for us to have wisdom and revelation that co-exist. Wisdom without revelation is pointless.

The bottom line is there is no evidence biblically, theologically or historically that the miracles stopped when the scriptures were written. This idea that it has is completely made up to justify bad theology from the reformed camp and people just want to excuse their lack of anointing on their ministry. Let’s get honest.

Dana Coverstone and warning America

Nothing I heard from the pastor made me think anything was odd biblically. God speaks to us prophetically. In fact, most of what I hear in the dreams is very similar to the warnings I have been giving America for years. Revival is coming but so is God’s judgement. It is not one or the other. Both are going to co-exist.

For years, I have been telling the American church that the days of Zephaniah are upon us. The Lord told me directly, “As in the days of Zephaniah, so shall we be at the end of the age.” We are drawing dangerously close to the end and we are not ready for the heaven and hell on earth that will be unleashed before the catching up. We just do not take it serious.

Dana Coverstone is yet another voice crying like as a forerunner to “prepare the way of the Lord” that America is in crisis. Will the nation listen to the latest message from the Holy Spirit to the churches to return to the Lord with fasting, weeping and mourning? (Joel 2) I fear that the people will disregard his message just like they have many. In doing so, we are dangerously close to have the “lamp stand removed.” (Revelation 2:5)

Mark my word: some very hard time are coming to America. Martyrdom is coming. When we say we want a book of Acts revival, know that Acts was marked by suffering, persecution, and martyrdom.

The Church must prepare

If we truly believe that the days of Zephaniah are imminent and that judgement as well as revival are going to co-exist; we must prepare ourselves in the house of prayer. Those who have make themselves a living house of prayer will not be offended at the judgement of God that is all together true and holy.

I don’t wanna be offended When it’s all coming down (Misty Edwards)

I am concerned that the people of faith are not taking what is coming serious. Prayer meetings are empty and there is lack of the “spirit of wisdom and revelation” upon the people currently. People are not contending for truth from the Holy Spirit. We live like there is no crisis in the land.

An equal crisis is in the Assembly. We simply do not take the scriptures serious and actually believe that God will do what He said He will do. We have become a “purpose driven” church when God has called us to be a prophecy driven church.

But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge. (Daniel 12:4)

As we draw closer to the catching up of the saints, there will be many forerunners like Dana Coverstone that come with fresh revelation and spiritual knowledge that come from becoming house of prayer. The bigger question is will YOU be a forerunner with prophetic revelation in these last days or will be offended at God’s dealing with the nation?







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